Yoga Teacher Training Checklist: What to Bring to Yoga Teacher Training

Every trip needs different kind of packing, for example when you are traveling with your children you need to make sure you have enough items to keep them busy, baby food, napkins, towels, extra clothes and medicines.

Different types of packing are required for a trekking trip and a yoga teacher training. You often face problems if you do not pack light. If you are a yoga enthusiast and are going on a yoga teacher training in India for a month and you did not pack in a smart way then you are likely to face problems for the whole month. 

If you are wondering what your yoga teacher training essentials should be then you have stumbled upon the right article. Through this yoga teacher training checklist you will be able to pack your bags in a lighter way:

Yoga Mat

You might think that carrying a yoga mat is not necessary to a yoga teacher training as you would get one there easily. But there are chances you would get a dirty mat already have been used by many people. Also, there are people who are the most comfortable in practicing yoga on their own yoga mats. If you do not have a yoga mat or yours is not in good condition, it is advised that you buy a new one which is comfortable, sturdy and according to your choice. So, yoga mat is the first item of your ‘What to pack for yoga teacher training’ list. 

Mat Cleaner 

Yoga mat cleaner can be another essential as the mats will get dirty due to excessive use. A dirty mat can be a reason for your allergies and can create a foul smell which will not be a pleasant experience for you while performing yoga. For this you have to get a small spray bottle, put 10-15 drops of both lavender and tea tree oil and fill some water.  Spray it on your mat and clean it with a cloth. Your mat will be clean and smell fresh. 

Yoga Tops And Bottoms

Bring a good number of yoga tops and bottoms like tights and shorts as you will be in it for long hours. You will need these clothes everyday and you do not know how often you will be able to wash them or if there is a laundry service where you will be staying. Keeping this in mind will help you pack your clothes accordingly. 

Loose-Fitting Clothes

Along with yoga tops and bottoms, don’t forget to pack some loose-fitting and comfortable clothes to change into after a long day of yoga session. You should take clothes which can be dried off easily as the weather can be humid in the place you are going for a yoga teacher training.

Shoes And Slippers/Sandals

You should choose comfortable shoes and slippers to take with you to the yoga teacher training as you might want to take a walk outside the centre. Also, if the yoga teacher training is in the mountains do not forget to take hiking shoes with you as you might want to take a hike in the mountains or hiking might be included in the itinerary of the yoga teacher training. 


Yoga teacher training can be a life changing experience and you might want to note it down. You would think this might not be essential for you but it will turn out to be one if you will not take it along. A notebook will be useful to write down about your days and what positive changes you can see in yourself over the days. Also, it will be of great use to note down some important points during classes and lectures. 

Small Backpack

You cannot carry your huge luggage bag everywhere and having a small backpack will be easy to carry during your shopping and excursions. During your get away with yoga you might be engaged in an excursion during which you will need some small items like water bottle, notebook, pens, and more. You can put these items in a small backpack and enjoy your excursion hassle free. 

Water Bottle

Copper water bottles are in trend these days because of its health benefits. Try to take a copper bottle or if it is not available in your area, you can buy it from the place of your yoga teacher training. Avoid using plastic bottles. You will need a water bottle as you will have to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. 


You will be exposed to a lot of sunlight especially if your yoga teacher training is held in the mountains. The sunrays in the mountains can be proved harsh on your skin. Having a sunscreen in your luggage is a must to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. 


It has become quite difficult for us to live without our electronics but choose to take only the important ones on your trip like mobile and its charger. Other electronics depend on your personal needs but try to cut down on it. Take this as a chance for technological detox and soak in as much beauty of nature as possible. 

Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito repellent can be your lifesaver if the place you are susceptible to mosquito bites. The place you are going to might be free of mosquitoes but you do not know that. So, to be on the safer side, buy a mosquito repellent to be free of mosquito bites. 

Ability To Learn

The last but not the least essential in your checklist should be your ability to learn and grab the most from yoga teacher training. Remember that yoga is not just about different poses and breathing exercises but it is a way of life. You will come as a changed person if you keep your mind open and learn as much as possible during this journey. 

This will be your chance to detoxify your body, mind, and soul from the noise of your daily lives. Also, you will find many like-minded people during training who can become your friends in the future. You will be able to expand your social circle and talk to people and learn about their experiences and how yoga changed their lives. 

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Yoga Teacher Training Checklist: What to Bring to Yoga Teacher Training