Yoga Jewelry

The bling merchandise, glitter, dazzle and endless qualities captivate the human eye. The glaring belongings illuminate the eye of the individuals that invites them to spend their pocket. Everyone desires to wear those fancy, extravagant belongings that makes one look more spectacular. Jewelry is one such merchandise that has enthused the human race all over the globe. The statement pieces with studded jewels has awestruck the mankind with its radiance, craft, sophistication and more. Jewelry as a piece of merchandise is not gender specific. Anyone who loves shimmer, exquisite substances can adorn the jewels. Add intricate, elegant jewelry pieces to turn your simple wardrobe into a single statement. Jewelry compliments every occasion, be it a highly studded affair or religious gathering.


The preferences vary from person to person. Some like it all glittery, while others like it subtle and fresh. Jewellery is not just a jeweled piece that adorns the body of an entity, but every jewelry has its own significance. Each ornament is worn for a different purpose and different occasion to compliment the look of the individual. Ornaments are worn by people not just for functions, or to satiate their desire for the fashionable pieces, but for religious and spiritual purposes too. Yes, jewelry for spiritual, healing purposes. The ornaments such as rudraksha mala, ring with chakra symbols and many such accessories are not just materials but hold specific significance and are worn for various benefits to the body, mind, and soul.

The mala beads, pendant with the Om symbol and many such embellishments are known as yoga-inspired jewelry. Wearing yoga jewelry does not make one look like a yogi but is a reminder of the yogic essence and the real meaning of yoga. Yoga jewellery can be worn by anyone regardless of whether they practice yoga or not. Several entities are fascinated by the yoga-inspired jewelry and wish to know more about it, particularly the associated benefits.

An insight into some of the yoga -jewelry and the benefits it offers:

Mala: The mala is a string of 108 beads with one larger bead than the rest known as ‘guru bead.’ The mala adorns the neck, wrists, and altars of yoga practitioners and meditators. The beautifully strung malas hold special significance to the bearers based on the stones they choose, the energy resonance felt with the beads and place they got the mala from. The mala is used for mantra meditation of sounds while tracing the beads of the mala with the fingertip. It redirects your mind from all negativity, daily activities and induces positive energy. It positively affects the mood of the person. The positive energies result in a relaxed mood, focused attention, higher self-awareness.

? Chakra Bracelets: The chakra bracelets are created with healing gemstones and crystals that bear the color of the chakra. It can either come in one color or seven colors of the rainbow that represent the seven chakras to provide balance, support, restoration of the chakras. Each stone reverberates with its own sound. The chakra bracelets clean the aura, purifies the senses, removes negative thoughts and emotions for the release of positive energies. The healing chakra bracelets also help in removal of blocked energies.

? White Agate stone: White Agate is a grounding stone. It can be studded into a ring, necklace, and bracelet. It brings out physical, mental and emotional stability that harmonizes the system. It offers many health benefits such as healing the eyes, uterus, treating skin disorders and reinforcing blood vessels. It is also known as ultimate pregnancy stone. It protects the mother, and baby from harm, eases labor pains and sickness. A soothing and calming stone that releases positivity and promotes a peaceful environment.

Om Pendants: The om pendants can be worn in bracelets and chains. The sacred symbol in Hindu Religion. It represents the powers of the universe. Wearing the Om symbol as pendant brings harmony, true inner peace, and eternal bliss. It is said to bring good fortune and luck to the bearers if accompanied by the daily chanting of the Om mantra. It enhances the health of a person. It keeps bad omens away and strengthens inner powers. It is a protector from negative vibes and creates an atmosphere of peace, wisdom, and enlightenment.

Lotus Bracelet: The multilayered flower lotus symbolizes the spiritual awareness and enlightenment. It represents the spiritual journey of the practitioner growing radiantly out of difficulties. It eliminates negative energies, evil spirits and purifies the soul.

Wear yoga inspired jewelry for inner purification, empowered inner core and eternal self-realization.

Yoga Jewelry