Why Yoga is a Growing Part of Global Healthcare?

In ancient India, yoga was a spiritual practice. Thousand years later, in present times, it is viewed as health science and an important part of modern and scientific healthcare industry. This is truly amazing and evidence of the fact that yoga has evolved.

There are a growing number of researches that proves yoga has a significant value in healthcare industry and it is used as a complementary therapy to prevent and treat a variety of illness.

Yoga in Global Healthcare:

Yoga as a part of global healthcare is a sign of positivity. Its non-invasive techniques help people do both: manage symptoms and treat diseases in an efficient manner. It is a cost-effective endeavor that can be taken at any age and all stages of health to bring vitality and wellness in great proportions. The associated yogic aspect of healthy eating, pragmatic yoga lifestyle and reading of classical scriptures contribute towards emotional and social wellbeing.

With yoga, you can feel empowered to make choices for the overall wellness of the body-mind. The inclusion of yoga into the traditional healthcare system is an opportunity to prevent the onset of disease in the first place and to treat it by identifying the root cause.

Why yoga is a growing part of global healthcare?

  1. A Decrease in Stress: The science of yoga is popular across the globe as a healthy stress buster. The engagement of the body in yoga techniques such as asanas, breathing techniques and meditation facilitate the decrease of cortisol, a hormone primarily responsible for causing stress. In today’s healthcare scenario, stress is the leading cause of many health problems. Integration of yoga into the healthcare system is a possibility of healing stress in a holistic manner with life-long effects.
  2. Relief from Anxiety: Panic attacks, heart diseases, chronic pain, all are related to anxiety. Yoga can help reduce anxiety to a greater extent. Yoga practices encourage living in present moment, releasing of pent-up emotions, embracing a sense of peace that contributes to lower anxiety level. In addition to medications, yoga is a potent solution to treat anxiety in a safe manner.
  3. Improved Heart Health: By controlling stress, yoga helps in strengthening your heart health. When cortisol production is low, the blood pressure remains within the accepted systolic and diastolic value. When blood pumps normally, the heart works properly. Also, yoga practices keep cholesterol levels under control. So, start your yoga practice today for healthy heart years forever.
  4. Help Fight Depression: At times, chronic stress can turn into a deadly disease, depression. Yoga is helpful in fighting depression because it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, increases GABA levels, and more. Additionally, meditation practices cease the fluctuations of the brain that keeps suicidal thoughts at bay, one of the feelings that depression patients undergo.
  5. Sleep Better: Too much adherence to sleeping pills can be harmful to health. Yoga is painless and harmless science to improve sleep. The restorative yoga postures relax your body-mind that helps you get into the sleep mode. With adequate sleep, your concentration power improves, productivity enhances, metabolism is affected positively, etc.
  6. Reduction in Chronic Pain: From constant sitting to injuries, causes of chronic pain can be several. The practice of subtle yoga asanas, performing yoga postures with yoga props, variations, and modifications help you get rid of the chronic pain and offers you physical strength. Addition of yoga into global healthcare is a boon for patients suffering from arthritis.
  7. Flexibility and Balance: Strength and Flexibility go hand in hand. Yoga is a potent exercise to enhance both in equal measures. Yoga postures facilitate strength and flexibility of the body. Though, there are specific yoga asanas for flexibility like extended puppy pose, big toe pose, fire log pose, and more. Yoga asanas also help in improving body-mind balance.
  8. Proper Breathing Patterns: Respiratory problems are common. Pranayama, yogic breathing techniques focus on systematic controlling of breath that aids in respiratory problems. As you learn the proper way of breathing through Pranayama, you benefit your health in a miraculous way.
  9. Healthy Eating Habits: Stress brings along eating disorders. By reducing stress, yoga curbs eating disorders and promotes mindful eating. Also, yoga is the advocate of healthy eating encouraging its practitioners to go sattvic for healthy body and mind. Yoga as a part of global healthcare is a step towards instilling people with healthy eating habits for wellbeing.
  10. Improved Quality of Life: The healing yoga leads to a better quality of life. By reinforcing physical, mental, and spiritual health, with yoga, anyone can live a fulfilling life. This benefit of yoga clearly states why yoga is a growing part of global healthcare.

Embrace yoga as a part of global healthcare and lead a life of utmost wellness.

Why Yoga is a Growing Part of Global Healthcare?