Where to Study Yoga in India?

India is a country which is rich in beaches, mountains, holistic feelings, gurgling rivers and is a perfect destination to study yoga. So, listed below are some best of the destinations to study yoga in India, the country where yoga originated.

India has always been proud of claiming that yoga originated from its soil. The various postures, their technicalities, and benefits are all mentioned time and again in different Vedic sculptures. In Hinduism, yoga is not sought as a way of reaching peak mental and physical health, but it is always seen as a means to attain oneness with oneself and heights of spirituality.

 The yogis who come to study and practice yoga at the birthplace experience a lifetime opportunity. The fascinating ambiance, energy, culture, and the magic of India will make your yoga vacation to remember forever. Contemplating that so many people from India and outside India are now extremely curious in yoga, the Government of India and some other private associations have set up numerous school of yoga in many attractive locations of India.

If you are a true yoga lover and want to explore the yogic journey deeply then there is no better place, than to study yoga in India. Down below are some of the most famous places worth a visit to practice and study yoga.

Finest Yoga Destinations Of India

Rishikesh – It is called the ‘World capital of yoga’ situated alongside the banks of the holy Ganges and it is believed that meditating here brings you one step closer to Moksha. Rishikesh is said to have been in existence since time not known and is the abode to hundreds of ancient temples and religious sites and due to the presence of religious sites and temple, the atmosphere here remains hushed and untroubled, and thus, attracting thousands of yogis from around the world.

The place is home to so many yoga ashrams, institutes, and retreats located within the boundaries of Rishikesh attracting thousands of yoga lovers. Then, of course, the highlights of the town are the evening prayers (aarti) and rituals which happen at the banks of the Triveni Ghat. Rishikesh is a land of so many yogis, sages, gurus, and saints, giving you the lifetime experience to interact and learn from them. The aura of the place is the best place to learn yoga teacher training in India.

Kerala – A place where astonishing palm trees shadow you from the blooming sun and the beautifully traditional houseboat stay buoyant on the still backwaters. It is one of the most visited places for yoga lovers. Ideally, yogis seeking peace and solace visit Kerala. The alluring southern state has so many pleasing spots for yoga, and the best place to visit for a yoga vacation is Varkala. 

Varkala located in the Trivandrum district of Kerala is a newly popular yogic tourist destination which is visited by numerous spiritual seekers and by thousands of beach lovers. From its unpolluted beaches to getting lost in the spirituality of its exceptional spots, there is a lot more to discover within the boundaries of Varkala. A yogi can find here the perfect mix of spirituality and nature. There are many ashrams and yoga centers one can find to let go of all the worries by engulfing themselves in the wonderful yogic journey.

Dharamshala – Dharamshala is located in the Himalayan Mountains of North India, which was also the place of refuge for Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama. Thousand of yoga seekers come here to experience the life-changing meditations, and to study the Tibetan and Buddhism tradition. There are various yoga centers here that offer many budgeted options for learning. It is one of the most fantastic and cheapest places for anyone who is looking forward to spending time in nature and immerse in yoga and meditation. It is a historic city popular for its natural stoppages and spiritual sites, and it is one of the most glorious destinations of Himachal Pradesh. It is not only famous for its inexpensive yoga ashrams, but also the unruffled and noiseless aura of this place makes it a perfect destination to study yoga. Natural beauty and serenity are enough to make Dharamshala a perfect choice for yogis to enhance their yoga practice.

Auroville – It is located in South India, spreading over Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu and is one of the calmest, peaceful and spiritual places that one can find in India. It is popular for its great Matrimandir, a magnificent structure which symbolizes the soul of the city and one of the finest yoga-practicing destinations. It is home to Sri Aurobindo’s teachings and Integral Yoga, which attracts the yogis to view the world with a more spiritual and deeper vision. If you are searching for a place where you can soothe, revive, and relax, then Matrimandir is an ideal place for you. The lush green surroundings, the beautiful trees, and the pleasant weather will help in maintaining a calm and composed environment. On every 21st of June, the town gets engulfed with hundreds of yoga learners.

Goa – The beautiful beach city, yoga destination, and tourist hub is a place to be. From yoga centers to Ayurvedic centers, you can find every spiritual site filled with yoga learners with fabulous weather and mesmerizing landscapes, which provides numerous detoxification courses, wellness programs, and yoga exercises that heals and balances your body. The city’s charm attracts yoga seekers in large number to experience its enchanting and fun energy. The palm trees and sandy beaches offer a beautiful setting to restore and rest.

Your yoga vacation to India will be life-transforming no matter what destination you choose. The rich tradition and history, especially in yoga, will no doubt change your perspective about yoga and life. Hopefully, the list above will not only inspire you to plan a yoga vacation in India but also give you a better idea of what experiences you want to have.

Where to Study Yoga in India?