What to Expect From 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

Are you ready to train the talented dragon that your body is? Wait no more and hop in for a yoga teacher training course. You read that right. It’s time to transform your capable body by going for the fastest growing practice of our time—yoga. Not only does it give us the toned body that we all want, but yoga also serves our energy right. For the spirituals out there, yoga is the thing you do before you enter into communion with God.

For the nonreligious, yoga is an excellent way to de-stress. For those of us who are in-between, yoga is no less than a miracle to the aching body. Several videos and yoga guides can be found on the internet. And we can only be grateful for the free access to all the spiritual mind-body wisdom that so many yogis are imparting online.

The yoga doing crowd is growing evermore, every day. So, if you spot your neighbor doing a downward dog very early in the morning on the rooftop, rest assured that you’re next. Unless you don't want to be fit and healthy.

Among several activities that millennials take to re-energize themselves from work and stress, the 200-hour yoga teacher training is also becoming a rage. Consider yourself blessed if you come across a promising yoga training center or school as it will give you the best tools of yoga that you can use every day of your life to feel awakened and energized. But before you pack your yoga mat and yoga costumes for a stretching-marathon by the sea, let us walk you through some key features of a typical yoga teacher lasting for 200 hours.

Here are 9 things to expect from a 200-hour yoga teacher training course:

  • New yoga postures

Remember the time when you clicked on that Youtube video where the yoga teacher was going too fast with the Surya Namaskar and you couldn’t catch up. Or the time when you couldn’t tell if it was Bharadvaja's twist or the guy was simply trying to find his phone on the other side. When in a yoga camp, expect nothing of that as a yoga teacher training school helps you learn new yoga moves that suit your body type and help you reach their perfection too. So get ready as no rushing and only stretching will help you do the new moves, the easiest way.

  • Slow progress

Any teacher training course that aims to leave you feeling accomplished in a short time has its shortcomings. A 200-hour yoga teacher training course will help you tremendously but for the beginners, it’s a way to understand what all yoga has to offer to you so that you learn it the better way. And if you’re a quick learner, you can also start teaching right away. However, expect anything worthwhile to take time. Yoga is life-changing as a practice and the training program is the first step towards attaining that life-changing experience.

  • Amazing teachers

A certified yoga teacher training program is the Mecca of great yoga teachers who know a lot about the ancient practice. They can help you understand yoga better than one-way communication via YouTube videos. These teachers interact with the students and help them with various yoga techniques first hand. Go for the teacher training program and experience the wisdom of these teachers.

  • “Off” days

If you get easily scared at the thought of not having a free Sunday, you’re not the only one. Even courses such as “200-hour yoga teacher training” give all their pupils a day or two off to relax and explore the beauty of nature around them. Don’t worry and set a date for the course as you will be getting the day off because even God took rest on day 7, how can yoga fans be deprived of that kind of comfort!

  • Improved strength

A yoga teacher training course, especially one that’s 200-hour long focuses on helping you build inner strength. All the yoga postures they teach at such programs are centered on improving core strength so that you perform yoga with ease over time and the chances of fatigue and injuries are minimized. If you plan to build stamina, and balance your energy chakras, we highly recommend a yoga-based training program as unlike gym or new-age body-building institutes, it helps you restructure your body’s energies the organic way. If you like to go with the flow of things, join yoga-based training courses.

  • Improved adaptability

If you’re the introvert personality type who keeps finding it hard to fit into the crowd, it’s time for good news as a 200-hour yoga teacher training is perfect for you. Expect many like-minded people like you who like to stay quiet and enjoy the surroundings while practicing yoga, just like you would. Such courses are great tools to open up our inhibitions and help us connect to our minds and bodies in an energized way. Once our energy is centered and balanced, we slowly find that we can adapt to new places and people quickly. This is also what a good yoga teacher training school teaches you. Come on kids, it’s time to go back to school with yoga.

  • Openness

All minds and bodies thrive in places that allow us to be ourselves. A 200-hour yoga teacher training course is that place. Come along with your crooked neck and expect nobody to judge you because they are busy with their stiff backs too. Learn and stay motivated with like-minded learners and gently allow yourself to open up. Slowly you will build confidence and ace yoga teacher training by being a teacher too.

  • Peace of mind

We usually book a holiday by the beach because it promises serenity and scenery. So that after a wild night of partying, the beach waves gently lull us to the calm we so badly need in our lives. But with beaches and hills becoming tourist attractions, that sense of peace is compromised. This is why a 200-hour yoga teacher training course can help you relax in an organized way. The staff ensures peace and quietude and the students there have to follow a certain routine that allows for things to run smoothly. Go for a yoga teacher training course if you are a peace lover as nothing brings peace to the body more than a peaceful environment and the company of yoga-loving people.

  • Tears of joy

200-hour yoga teacher training course is no less than hiking up a summit or take a deep dive into the ocean. It DOES change your life forever. You can easily tell that you’re a changed person after finishing the course and this overwhelming feeling of achieving body-peace moves so many yoga-learners to tears. The thrill of beginning a spiritual journey of finding mind-body balance is amazing and yoga offers that to anyone curious enough to seek it. So go ahead and dream big when you book yourself a yoga teacher training course. As before becoming a certified teacher, you will be learning life-changing forces that keep the body alive and kicking!

What to Expect From 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?