What are the benefits of Hatha Yoga?

Stemming from the most devoted and classical backgrounds– the Hatha Yoga is a style that emphasizes on the performance of yoga postures, meditation, and consumption of diet for oneness in the consciousness and exploring our full potential.

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika reveals that Hatha yoga is a science of understanding the metaphysics of the body, creation of the perfect ambiance and then practicing the asanas for realizing the physical and mental goals.

The diverse Hatha Yoga Asanas move the body into different directions and positions making the body a means to reach the higher nature and achieving the spiritual aims. The Hatha Yoga encourages a joyful and gentle movement of the body in the poses while preparing it to slip into deeper dimensions of meditation. Hatha yoga in its comprehensive form is healthy and peaceful for the practitioners.

Incorporate the science of Hatha Yoga into your daily routine for the Hatha Yoga benefits.

1. Salubrious Body and Proper Functioning Organs: Hatha Yoga is one of the effective toxin-eliminating yoga styles that purifies the vital organs, stretches the muscles of the body, and tones the abdominal organs ensuring a robust wellness along with an enhanced musculoskeletal system and improved circulatory functions.

2. Quiet and Peaceful Mind: Hatha Yoga Vidya incorporates the practice of yoga asanas that lower the production of cortisol- the stress-causing hormone in the body. The Pranayama practices control the key indicators of stress like high blood pressure bringing the body at ease and mind to rest. And, the meditation techniques are avowed for its miraculous power to still the fluctuations of the mind (Chitta Vritti Nirodha).

3. Better Cardiovascular Fitness: The regular performance of Hatha Yoga postures keep the health problem of Hypertension in check- the leading cause of heart diseases. Also, the Hatha yoga diminishes the episodes of anginal pain, improves the blood flow to the heart and heals the lesion on the heart for its better functioning.

4. Greater Bone Density: The Tree pose, Triangle posture, Warrior series of Hatha Yoga style are weight-bearing yoga asanas encouraging the practitioners to carry their body weight on hands and legs thus building bone density and reversing bone loss in the patients of osteoporosis and osteopenia. The postures significantly build bone mass in the spine and femur as well.

5. Enhanced Core Strength: Hatha yoga style is well-known for its ability to provide core strength. The core is the center of the body entrusted with the task to keep us strong, functional, and away from diseases. Core strength is needed in maximum in the playing of diverse sports. Poses like Boat (Navasana), Downward Dog (Adho-Mukha Svanasana), Plank pose (Kumbhakasana), etc., fortify the external obliques, condition the hips, strengthen the paraspinal, and assist in diverse movements.

6. Mobile Joints: Due to the sedentary nature of living and working, our joints are not used to their full potential and range of motion that makes them stiff and limits their movements. Hatha Yoga movements make the body move in all four directions, thus enhancing the joint flexibility and mobility. Senior citizens can practice some of the subtle Hatha Yoga poses for reaping the improved joint mobility benefits of hatha yoga.

7. Improved Oxygenation: The excess of anything is bad, goes the popular saying. However, some exceptions stand out. When talking about oxygenation, more is good. The practice of shoulder stand, headstand reverses the blood and oxygen flow directing it towards each and every organ. This results in greater oxygen supply necessary for the optimal functioning of the organs. Pranayama is another yogic way of improving the Oxygen intake for feeling fresh and energetic.

8. Wholesome Health: Hatha yoga practice rewards the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the individuals. By granting a strong body, clear mind, heightened awareness, improved focus, and balanced energies, this yoga form promises a complete overall and perfect well-being of the practitioners.

Practice Hatha Yoga– fill your body with healthy sensations, mind with unbound peace, and heart with utter positivity.

What are the benefits of Hatha Yoga?