Top 7 health benefits of Sirsasana (Headstand)

The cyberspace is brimful with the yoga articles that enlist the advantages, ranging from increased strength and flexibility to the connection with the cosmos. The rewards of practicing the science of yoga are indeed numerous and profound.

One such is the yoga practice of Sirsasana, performed with dedication and authenticity on a regular basis that the practitioners can experience some of the most excellent benefits of Headstand Pose owing to which Sirsasana is entitled as the “King of Yoga Postures.”

Get ready for the Sirsasana (Headstand) with us:

Step 1. Start in a kneeling position on a yoga mat with palms on the floor.

Step 2. Firmly place the forearms on the ground and interlock the fingers.

Step 3. Gently place the crown of the head against the clasped hands.

Step 4. Come into a downward-dog position and walk your feet closer to your hands.

Step 5. Press into your elbows and pull your knees into your chest

Step 6. Now, slowly stretch the legs up and come into the final Headstand Pose.

Step 7. Hold the pose for as long as you can.

Three Variations of the Sirsasana:

 1. Pike-Up Leg Variation: In this variation, uplift both the legs up at the same time and keep them straight until your ankles, hips, knees, and shoulders are stacked above your posterior and shoulder blades.

2. Split-Leg Variation: Bend the knees and pull them towards the chest. Straighten one leg at a time until both legs are stacked up and above the hips and shoulders.

3. Curl Up-Leg Variation: Fold the knees and squeeze them into the chest. Unbent both the knees simultaneously until both legs are stacked over the hips and shoulders.

Beginner’s Guide to Headstand Pose:

1. Build Core Strength: Prepare for Headstand by building upper core strength. Perform Dolphin posture that strengthens the upper body and fortifies your core.

2. Learn Hand Placements: Many students make mistakes with their hand alignment and placement during the practice of Sirsasana. Firmly make a cup-like shape with your hands and hold the head at the base of your palms at the wrist crease. Roll down the shoulder blades away from the ears.

3. Use a Wall for Support: Locate your head 5-6 inches from a wall when practicing the Headstand Pose.

The Seven Excellent Health Benefits of Sirsasana

1. Nourishes the brain: The benefits of Headstand Pose for the brain are innumerable. The inverted position directs the oxygenated blood flow to the brain cells thus providing them with nourishment. Also, the increased blood supply strengthens the nerves, reduces a headache, and makes the mind calm.

2. Combats diabetes: The Headstand asana positively affects the functioning of pituitary glands- the master gland of the body. The increased health and efficiency of the pituitary gland help in combating diabetes and various other pituitary gland disorders.

3. The well-being of sensory organs: The Sirsasana enhances the supply of nutrients, oxygen, and blood to the sensory organs of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. The optimal flow of blood enhances the functions of these sensory organs and removes skin impurities and diseases.

4. Prevents hair fall: If you experience hair fall or premature greying of hair then practice the Headstand Pose. As you balance on your head and forearms, the blood from the lower extremities is directed upward that nurtures the scalp and benefits you with healthy hair growth.

5. Increases red blood count: One of the other crucial benefits of Headstand Pose is an increase in the red blood cell count. Low red blood count causes experiences such as fatigue, pale skin, shortness of breath, dizziness, etc., and diseases like anemia and polycythemia. Normal RBC is vital for proper oxygen transportation around the body.

6. Strengthens the body: When you hold up yourself in the Headstand Pose, you engage the strength of your shoulders, arms, and back to keep the strain off the neck and head region. The pose assists in building stronger muscles and helps improve upper body strength.

7. Betters digestion: The reversed effects of gravity help in moving the stuck material, releasing toxic gases as well magnifying the blood supply to the digestive organs thus increasing nutrient absorption and strengthening the digestion process. Perform belly breathing in the pose to double the rewards.

No doubt, the Sirsasana is challenging and scary. But, its rewards for the body, mind, and soul make it an enchanting pose to practice as well as call it ‘the head of the yoga asanas’.

Top 7 health benefits of Sirsasana (Headstand)