Top 7 Health Benefits of Poorva Halasana (preliminary Plough Pose)

Poorva Halasana (Preliminary Plough Pose), as the name suggests is a preparatory practice for the advanced Halasana (Plough Pose). In Sanskrit literature, Hala means ‘plough,’ Poorva means ‘preliminary,’ and Asana means seat.

The Poorva Halasana is practiced to warm-up and prepares the body-mind for the glorious Halasana (Plough Pose). The preliminary pose targets the diverse areas of the body, like the waist, abdominal organs and more ensuring health and wellness.

Discover with us the steps, precautions, and health benefits of Poorva Halasana.

1. Lie in the supine position on your back.
2. Keep the legs together and arms close to your side.
3. Breathe and relax the body.
4. Form a fist with your hands and slide it under the hips. In this way, you can support the weight of the hips.
5. Inhale, raise the legs up slowly and tilt it about at 45-degrees to the floor.
6. Now, try to find your balance in the pose.
7. Exhale to release the pose. Come back in supine position.

Contraindication of the Pose:

1. Pregnant women and girls during the menstruation should avoid the practice of this posture.
2. Those having sciatica nerve pain should also refrain from practicing the pose.

Follow Up Poses:

In this yoga asana, the neck is relaxed, and the body is stretched in an upward direction, which counteracts the effects of Poorva Halasana.

The Top 7 Health Benefits of Poorva Halasana:

1. Prevents Varicose Veins: Varicose veins is a condition of enlarged, swollen and twisting veins resulting in aching legs. The Poorva Halasana is the pose to practice if you have varicose veins or you wish to prevent the onset of this condition. As you raise your legs up in the pose, you encourage blood circulation in the lower extremities of the legs thus healing the condition.

2. Stretches Abdominal Organs: The action of raising the legs up in the Preliminary Plough Pose involves a movement of the abdominal muscles. The engagement of the abdomen gives intestines and kidneys a good stretch. The intestines are responsible for absorption of the nutrients and the kidneys help the body to pass waste, both the functions get enhanced with stretching. The benefits of Preliminary Pose for the other abdominal organs are impressive as well.

3. Helps Shed Fat: Poorva Halasana is a painless and cost-effective way of shedding fat around the waist and stomach, which is often hard to get rid of. In the Preliminary Plough Pose, the waist and stomach areas get stretched due to the upliftment of the legs that assist in removing fat. With this pose, you can get a toned look in a natural way that is harmless.

4. Lengthens Spine: The spinal muscles are stretched effectively in the pose. The lengthening of the spine contributes to greater flexibility, less pain and good posture. The pose also helps in releasing the stiffness and stress stored in the back through stretching. Therefore, it is good to practice the pose for spine health benefits of Poorva Halasana.

5. Releases Anxiety: The correct implementation of the Poorva Halasana steps synchronized with inhalation and exhalation leads to mental calmness. The movements of the pose increase blood circulation to the head. Enhanced supply of oxygen and nutrients nourish the nerves and help them rest in a state of profound serenity.

6. Good for Digestive Health: The Preliminary Plough Pose is an excellent practice to boost digestive health. In the posture, the abdominal organs are stimulated. The digestive organs get a massage that helps stimulate their functioning. When your digestive system is healthy, the problems of constipation and acidity attacks are less or none. Also, good digestive health is important for emotional health, as both are interrelated. So, practice the pose for the welfare of both.

7. Preparation for Halasana: As the name suggests, the Poorva Halasana is practiced before the Halasana. In the Preliminary Plough Pose, you gain strength, flexibility and wellness required for the advanced Halasana. So, those aiming at the Halasana, perform Poorva Halasana and gradually build your way to the next level.

Aim for the advanced Halasana by practicing the Poorva Halasana (Preliminary Plough Pose).

Top 7 Health Benefits of Poorva Halasana (preliminary Plough Pose)