Top 5 Benefits of Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-limbed staff pose)

Whether an individual is starting with the yoga practices or is looking to experiment with the yogic style, there are tons of reasons for performing the Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-limbed Staff Pose)– a popular Vinyasa Yoga Pose benefiting the yogis of all levels.

Chaturanga Dandasana is a push-up like pose that is rewardable for the arms, abdominal muscles, and back. The four-limbed staff pose prepares the practitioners for challenging arm balances like crow pose, handstand, and headstand. Learn the Chaturanga Dandasana correctly as it is also an essential position of the classical Surya Namaskar Series.

Here are the steps, modifications, and benefits of Chaturanga Dandasana.

Step 1: Begin in a plank position.

Step 2: Upon exhalation, lower the torso and legs 2-3 inches above the floor. Make sure it is equidistant to the ground.

Step 3: Pull the pubis towards the navel.

Step 4: Broaden the shoulder blades and hold the elbows to the side of the torso.

Step 5: Lift the head to look forward.

Step 6: Stay in this pose for 30 seconds.

Step 7: To release the pose, lower the body either into Cobra Pose or Downward-Facing Dog position.


1. Lower the knees to support the back and to minimize the weight on the body.

2. Practitioners can practice this pose standing upright against a wall. Stand to face the wall with hands on the surface below the shoulder level. Lift the sternum towards the ceiling.

3. Lay a blanket on the floor and lower the body onto this support.

Deepen the pose:

1. Initially, hold the pose for 30 seconds. Gradually, increase the time to 45 seconds and then 60 seconds.

2. Raise one foot at a time and finally try raising both.


1. Do not practice the pose if you experience sharp pain in the shoulders, wrists, and back.

2. If you face soreness in these areas then you can practice the modified version of four-limbed staff pose.

Here is a list of benefits of four-limbed staff pose that entities can garner through everyday practices. Take a glance at the pointers.

1. Abdominal Strength and Endurance: Sure, having six pack abs is great. But abdominal strength and endurance are more about a reduced backache, quality posture, functional strength, improved sports activities, and so much more than just the abs. Among the various methods available with the mankind for toning the abdominal muscles, yoga has proven to be beneficial for a majority without any side-effects. Chaturanga Dandasana is one such yoga posture that helps in building and toning abdominal muscles.

2. Strengthens Arms: The simplest way to effectively train the arms is to practice four-limbed staff pose daily. 30 seconds in Chaturanga Dandasana is all you really need for strong arms and firm grip. Strong arms, biceps, and a steady grip are highly beneficial for Golf players as well as non-players. It assists in daily movements, lifting of objects, and sports functions.

3. Beneficial for Back Muscles: People suffering from a variety of back related problems should give Chaturanga Dandasana a chance to treat them. The four-limbed staff pose targets the upper and lower back and helps in correcting the spine alignment and strengthening the back muscles. A healthy back is crucial in preventing spondylitis, curved spine, slipped disc, etc.

4. Stability and Flexibility: Physical stability is important for decreasing falls and resulting damage. While the loss of flexibility can be a predisposing factor for pain, balance disorders, etc., four-limbed Staff pose works doubly on the body of a practitioner granting them with both stability and flexibility. Isn’t it great? One exercise with multiple rewards for the body. Give it a try, please.

5. Body Awareness: The Chaturanga Dandasana is a great pose that helps individuals establish a mind-muscle connection and teaches them the tools of proper weight distribution using the arms and legs. The pose is also known for deepening the one’s knowledge about body alignment, especially in the arms.

Practice Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose ) for healing, strength, and awareness.

Top 5 Benefits of Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-limbed staff pose)