The Top 7 Health Benefits of Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Bhujangasana or the Cobra Pose holds holistic benefits for the body, mind, and soul.

The Cobra Yoga posture is a backbend that can be both subtle and dramatic depending upon the depth of your practice and the specifics of your body.  In every form, the Bhujangasana physically influences the frontal and posterior planes, encourages positive transformations in the internal organs, and rewards emotional well-being.

In the Bhujangasana, imitate a cobra by raising your upper body to give a nice stretch to your spine, to feel balanced, and for experiencing high energy levels all through the day.

A five step-wise guide for performing the Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) along with modifications and benefits of cobra pose.

Step 1. Lie prone on a comfortable yoga mat with legs extended behind and tips of the feet facing down. Prevent crunching of the spine by not curling the toes.

Step 2. Bring your elbows close to the sides of your body and spread the palms on the ground right beneath the shoulders.

Step 3. Compress the top of the feet, thighs, and pubic bone into the earth.

Step 4. Inhale and slowly straighten your arms to lift the chest up. Go as high as comfortable and to a height where you are able to maintain a connection through the pubis to your legs.

Step 5. Gaze upward at the sky.

Modifications and Tips for doing the Bhujangasana:

1. Practice the pose within your range of limits and lift the chest as far as you can without causing a pain in the neck.

2. Beginner students and those with a discomfort in the neck should keep their gaze fixed at the floor.

3. Strongly engage your thighs, legs, and use the strength of your back to lift your chest upwards.

4. Evenly distribute the backbend through the entire spine. Do not forget to breathe smoothly.

5. Practitioners with flexible armpits, chest, and groins can delve deeper into the pose.

6. Advanced postural doers can challenge themselves by raising the hands a few inches off the floor while being in the cobra asana.

7. Individuals with stiff shoulders and spine can perform the standing variation of the Cobra Pose. Stand to face a wall with hands against it, elbows to the side, collarbones wide and shoulders rolled back.

Get to the Know the Benefits of  Cobra Pose:

1. Cures Asthma: The lifting of the chest in the Cobra Pose opens the chest cavity and helps the lungs to expand, wonderfully dissipating asthma and allergy are the most avowed health benefits of bhujangasana. Slowly incorporate the deep breathing exercises into the pose to fully enlarge the diaphragm.

2. Remedy for Anxiety: The Bhujangasana opens the heart for anxiety relief. As the shoulders are rolled down and heart is uplifted forward, the rib cage opens resulting in stress reduction and melting of the tensions.

3. Healthy Gut: As a practitioner performs the cobra pose in a prone position, the frontal plane of the body is stretched that encourages optimal functioning of the abdominal organs. Simultaneously, the lower back is compressed that rejuvenates the kidneys. Overall, the gastrointestinal fluid gets stimulated and you get a healthy gut.

4. Greater Strength and Flexibility: Practice Cobra Pose to strengthen your spine, gluteal muscles, thighs, and shoulders. Bhujangasana is one of the great ways to give a natural stretch to the spine bringing in more flexibility, counteract the effects of sedentary living, and much more.

5. Soothe Sciatic Pain: The shooting pain down the leg is caused by impingement of Sciatic nerve. The release of tensions from the soft tissues, safe stretching of the spine, and increased flexibility can help. The low cobra pose heals the impingement in the spine, stretches the hips, and relieves discomforts.

6. Therapeutic for Back Pain: Garner the reduced back pain benefits of cobra pose. The yoga asana stretches the shoulders, chest, and releases tightness in the upper body that comes from constant sitting and hunching.

7. Mood Enhancer: The Cobra Pose powerfully relieves fatigue from the body and calms the mind thereby enhancing the mood of the practitioners.

Gain more and more health benefits of Bhujangasana by respecting your body limits.

The Top 7 Health Benefits of Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)