The Health Benefits of Ananda Balasana

Within each of us lies a “divine child” ready to be born in the form of new inspiration, creative energy, and boundless potential. Foster the innocence in you with a regular practice of relaxing and playful yoga posture– Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby Pose).

 Recapture the strength, sheer joy, fascination, and wellness by lying on your back and performing an Ananda Balasana. A contemporary yoga pose that heightens the health of legs, shoulders, back and lessens the mental sufferings.

Here are the steps of practicing Ananda Balasana. Take a look at the instructions and variations of the pose:

1. Comfortably lie on your back with bent knees and heels on the floor.

2. Raise both your knees towards the armpits and grasp the feet with your hands.

3. Relax your shoulders and head on the ground.

4. Spread your knees wider than your torso and position each ankle over the knees.

5. Position your shins perpendicular to the floor.

6. Hold this posture for 30-60 seconds.

You can also perform Ananda Balasana with certain modifications to reap the multiple benefits of Happy Baby Pose:

1. Lie straight on your back. Bend your knees and pull them towards the chest. Grab the ankles instead of feet or loop a strap around the feet for extra support.

2. Aim the knees at the armpits.

3. Raise your arms higher and untuck your tailbone towards the ground.

4. Stay in this pose for 5-10 breaths.

Perform Happy Baby pose with correct alignment in order to savor its healing rewards. Take a glance at the most surfacing health benefits of Ananda Balasana:

1. Strengthens the Arms: Our arms support us in every task we do: carrying a baby, making our way through revolving doors, lifting heavy objects, perform multi-tasks, etc. When the arms are healthy and strong these help us sail through the day with minimum strain and effort. Therefore, it is important to take care of our arms. A happy baby pose is effective in increasing the strength of the biceps, forearms, and triceps that make life easier.

2 Stretches the Groins: Runners, Baseball, and Hockey players, take a note: stretch your groin and prevent injuries. Curious to know how? Delve into the practice of Ananda Balasana, a powerful yoga pose that stretches the groin, hamstrings, and inner thighs resulting in healthy muscles and a strong lower body.

3. Beneficial for Sacrum: The performance of Ananda Balasana is highly beneficial for sacrum–a  large vertebra at the end of the spine. As you lie on your back, the pose relaxes the sacrum, alleviates the pain and helps it perform key functions in maintaining the wellbeing of spinal nerves, lower back, hips, and pelvic bone.

4 . Healthy Digestive System: We all value the role of a healthy digestive system in keeping the health in its optimal form. And, a happy baby pose is the best solution to intensify the digestive Agni. Ananda Balasana gently massages the digestive system, flushes out the stuck material, and promotes proper assimilation of the food.

5. Opens the Chest: One of the most wonderful health benefits of Ananda Balasana is that it expands and opens the chest which increases the oxygen-rich blood flow, melts away all the tension stuck at the heart, and fosters a robust cardiovascular health.

6. Releases Tension: An effective tool to release all the stress of a mind as well as the tensions of a body. A regular performance of happy baby pose helps practitioners become calmer, sentient, and healthy inside-out. The yoga asana also helps in the development of a strong and flexible back.

7. Relieves Fatigue: When at the end of the day you feel completely depleted of energy, vibrancy, and stamina, look no beyond than the practice of Ananda Balasana. As you dig into the practice of happy baby pose, you shall experience a rejuvenating feeling and a boosted vitality in no time.

8. Balances the Sacral chakra: Unlock your creative, sexual, and emotional side with Ananda Balasana. The happy baby pose balances the sacral chakra– the energy center of flow and flexibility that enhances the psychological and behavioral functions.

Reconnect with your inner child with Happy Baby Pose. Open yourself to creativity, childlike energy, and many more health benefits of Ananda Balasana through its regular practice.

The Health Benefits of Ananda Balasana