The Benefits of Trikonasana- The Triangle Pose

Check out why Trikonasana is a majorly beneficial posture which is also easy to do and suitable for all times, all levels of practitioners, and doable even in small spaces

Trikonasana is not of one of the tricky poses in the book. Meeting an enjoyable level of challenge, it fits the bills for beginners and is safe at a slower pace even for pregnant women. Owing to its effortless quality, Trikonasana is a staple for a workspace yoga stretch-out routine, in between travels, or just anywhere under the sun even in a space crunch. You don’t need any grand warm-up ritual or yoga prop support or even a mat for that matter!


You are going to love doing The Triangle in a sedentary deskbound life, giving your circulation a boost, toning up your nervous system, and with a little time, all the painful appendages of sitting through long office hours like a nagging pain up and down the spine, plain gone!

Did You Know?

There are four variations of the Triangle, differing in the levels of the challenge but powerfully beneficial in multiple ways. These are—

  • Extended Triangle Pose or Utthita Trikonasana
  • Bound Triangle Pose or Baddha Trikonasana
  • Revolved Triangle Pose or Parivrtta Trikonasana
  • Reclining Triangle Pose or Supta Trikonasana

While you must start your acquaintance with Trikonasana with the first type first and this should also be the most adaptable for tiny spaces, to taste the delicious sensation of ease and relief flowing through your body, you must try all four.


There are umpteen benefits of Trikonasana to slip it in, in some form in your workaday schedule, see which ones you would find most invaluable—

Burns the Stubborn Belly Fat

Both the Extended Triangle and the Bound Triangle pose are good for working directly on the lower abdomen where all of one’s sins seem to gather in a tire of unmoving fat. Move all the way down in these postures to feel the pressure acting on the plane of your abs and belly.  Let a sharp stretch come on your glutes to know that it’s happening.

The Bound Triangle and Revolved Triangle would also compel you to increase your range of movement by swiveling to the sides and thus engaging a greater number of muscles. This is how the Triangle gives you the relief of some decent agile work and belly fat problem-solving in just a matter of 5-10 minutes!

Eases an Achy Back

It’s not unusual to feel your back freezing up over a sedentary deskbound day-routine, especially the stagnant lower back. Snap through your lower back blues with some good old Trikonasana bending, where you have the provision to go slow and gentle and yet bring on effective results.

It may not happen from day 1 of practice itself, but try to form an acute right angle when your body allows it. This will open up your chest in the right manner and lengthen your spine, awaken the spinal chakras from torpor.

Practicing the Trikonasana in its active standing form with rotation, and in the reclining, a restorative form will help you surpass the risk of sciatica. However, if you are suffering from a severe back pain or back or neck injury, Trikonasana should be off bounds until your doctor gives you a green signal.

Kindles Digestive Fire

A stagnant lifestyle can really bring your digestive functioning at a standstill. Poor digestion, constipation, bloating, and diarrhea are intermittent symptoms of a dysfunctional system which can be addressed in its entirety only through a comprehensive asana like the Triangle.

The soft bend works effectively in massaging the internal glands, the revolving moves create pressure in the bowels to keep things churning, and the thorough breath synchronized with the movements work for kindling the digestive fire within.

The best part is, while almost all physical exercise regimes are a strict no-no after a meal, Trikonasana is not. You can totally find yourself a corner and do the Triangle bends to get relieved, if there is any uneasiness in the stomach after taking a meal!

Brings Balance, Core Power, and Focus

The Triangle is a good stance for reworking the center of gravity, therefore a popular feature in the prenatal and postnatal yoga sequences. The pose is known to give you a strong, rooted footing, refurbish core power, and bring focus to your mental vision.

The myriad benefits of Triangle Pose also include a sense of deep calm spreading through as negative emotions find escape and the practitioner undergoes a shift from the high-alert, stressed-out disposition to a relaxed one.

The Benefits of Trikonasana- The Triangle Pose