Steps and Health Benefits of Pranamasana (Prayer Pose)

Pranamasana is probably the most centering Yoga exercise and is a customary part of everyday Indian culture. Pranamasana denotes the practice of Namaskar, which is the traditional greeting of respect in Dharmic religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. As a Yoga practice, it is the beginning and concluding asana of Surya Namaskar sequences. While the core elements of the pose are related to spiritual enlightenment and devotional energy, it has proved to be of extreme benefit when it comes to physical wellness. Over the years, a number of people have started practicing this asana for bringing stability to the mind and body.

How to perform Pranamasana?

Although the practice of Pranamasana is quite easy, it should be enjoyed in the various steps given below to experience the maximum goodness this asana can emit.

1. Stand on the Yoga mat in an erect position by making sure your feet are placed together perfectly.
2. Bring your palms together facing each other parallel to the chest in Namaskar posture.
3. Make sure your eyes are looking straight parallel to the ground.
4. Take a deep breath to relax the body and follow it with a couple of more breaths so that the pranic energy refreshes you.
5. Close your eyes, focus on the central part of your brain and utter a few Sanskrit Mantras.
6. Let these mantras enlighten you and your soul for 4-5 minutes.
7. If you are facing the Sun, it would be awesome.

If you want to advance the asana, you can practice this on one foot.

Health Benefits of Prayer Pose:

1. Sponsors mental calmness: Pranamasana is a peaceful Yoga exercise that is practiced in a stationary position. The pose is all about maintaining calmness in the body and mind. It is a practice of remembering the ultimate God by being in the zone of extreme silence. Amid the environment of work, work, and work, the brain is sure to get frustrated, which the Prayer pose cures in the most astonishing fashion. When you stand in the posture of Pranamasana and close your eyes in prayer, it gives a sensation of tremendous tranquility to bring peace to the brain.

2. Improves body posture: Posture shows how confident you are. It depicts the level of your self-reliance. The standing Yoga pose of Pranamasana is a great way to enhance the posture of one’s body. Elongating the spine, the Prayer Pose makes sure the body doesn’t have to feel the pain of mental and physical loosening. With a better body posture, when you face the person you are talking to, it creates enormous self-belief in you.

3. Promotes relaxation in the body: In order to relax the mind and the body parts, fall in love with the beauty of Pranamasana. One of the best relaxing Yoga exercises, the Prayer Pose is practiced by a large number of yogis and recommended by a majority of Yoga experts to attain mental repose. Pranamasana is like Meditation, which is all about letting go all those negative thoughts from the brain. The practice is an awesome way to kill old and senile body cells and create new ones to make you feel young and energetic.

4. Instills spiritual energy: Pramasana is the traditional way of greeting in Indian culture. It is also the way of worshipping the creator. This yogic practice fills the body and mind of the practitioners with spiritual energy and leads them on the path of spiritual enlightenment to attain mental purity. Pranamasana is everything that Yoga stands for, from peace to devotion and from health to beauty. The mantras that are uttered during the practice of the asana illuminate the soul and sponsor positivity in the brain.

5. Stabilizes the body and mind: Balance is quite an important aspect of a healthy human life. Stability is the key to success and perfection. Pranamasana is one of the most beautiful Yoga poses that help to maintain a balance between the mental and physical energy in the body. It enhances awareness about equilibrium and equality, which are extremely important for understanding the art of walking on the road to beauty. The practice lets you enjoy your life by nourishing the immense potential hidden within you.

6. Nourishes the legs muscles and bones: If you stand at one place for quite some time, it is normal to feel strain in the thighs and lower leg. Pranamasana, being a standing pose boosts the ability of your legs to sustain more pressure. The practice strengthens the muscles and bones of your legs and also augments the joints, knees, ankles, hips, etc. The health benefits of Pranamasana exceeds to buttressing the arms muscles and wrist joints. You can also experience a nurturing in the nervous system.

Glamorize the dawn with the soulful practice of Pranamasana along with the beautiful sounds of the Mantras to take the bliss out of the environment.

Steps and Health Benefits of Pranamasana (Prayer Pose)