Self Realization with Karma Yoga

To come closer to God, liberate from the materialistic world and immerse in spiritual joy and eternal bliss. If you think that disconnecting from the conventional life and meditating in a secluded place is the only way to reach the divine then you may have to rethink. One can become enlightened and connect with the divine even while performing the duties and responsibilities of their daily lives. Follow the path of Karma Yoga and attain mental fulfilment and freedom.

In this busy and fast-paced world, we work well and hard to survive and exist. From an office to a home, everybody works –some for others and, some for themselves. But most of the time, there are expectations of fruitful consequences from each and every deed we undertake. The art of performing actions with love, dedication, and care, without any self-motive or expectation is Karma yoga. Karma stands for ‘action’ and yoga is about knowing oneself. And, so ‘Karma Yoga’ implies the science of knowing oneself through action. The selfless action is considered a prayer towards attaining moksha. It must be done with dedication, love, and care, without expecting any fruits of the labour involved. Karma Yoga is performed only for the pure joy of it and with the selfless intention to help others. It is the way to come closer to God.


The Principles of Karma Yoga: Before becoming a Karma Yogi, understand its principles mentioned below:

1. Right Attitude: It is your attitude towards the ‘deed’ that makes the difference. Karma yoga requires a loving and caring attitude while performing the action. Think of work as worship and always remember that how you do the job does not matter, but the attitude you carry towards the work is what matters more. Empty your mind from negative elements like aggression, fear, jealousy, etc. while doing the work. Instead, fill it with love, discipline, positivity and patience.

2. Have Pure Intentions: One of the most important elements when you take up something is the reason behind taking it. Do not think about the benefits the work will bring. Instead, go ahead with pure motive of performing the work with all your commitment and dedication. Be selfless and serve others without expecting benefits.

3. Get your work done well: Be Dutiful. Do what you are required to do, with full interest and enthusiasm. Find the inner balance and save the energy to perform your duties. Perform them with full concentration and focus. Never shun your work without completing it. Stay positive and learn the important lessons life throws at you.

4. Give your best: Dedicate yourself. Use the best of your abilities and bring forth the best of you in the activities you do. If you feel that you need to do better and there are chances of improvement, do not restrain yourself, do not hold yourself back because of the fear of criticism. Do not bother about who is watching, what others will say, what they will think — all you have to do is give your best. Absorb the positivity and leave out the negativity.

5. Stop being concerned about the results: Never think about the result, work for the sake of it. Whatever it will be — whether good or bad — forget about it. The only thing important is how well you perform the task and the dedication with which you perform it. Always remember that no job is superior or inferior. All work is same, what matters in your focus. The greater is your focus, the greater benefits it will reap.

6. Serve All: Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated. Love the people around you and be helpful to them. When interacting with them, do not judge or understand people basis their looks, thoughts or opinions. We all are same and a part of same universe. Be humble and adaptive.

7. Be Disciplined: Every job requires a particular skill set. Those skills may range from focus, physical and mental capabilities to knowledge, experience and more. Every task has something to teach and add to your skill set. Perform your duties with full enthusiasm and learn as much as you can.

The Wonders of Karma Yoga:

  • Purifies the heart and soul.
  • Instills good qualities like love, care, humility, patience, tolerance and more.
  • Eliminates negative qualities like ego, hatred, jealousy, selfishness, etc.
  • Gives the opportunity to look at life in a broader and liberal manner.
  • Makes you work oriented and also unites you with everybody.
  • Enhances self-awareness and provides bliss.
  • Awakens spiritual potentials and powers.
  • So, follow the path of Karma yoga and bring out the best of yourself in you.

Self Realization with Karma Yoga