International Yoga Day 2017 At Shwaasa: Everything About That Day

Summary: Divulge in key details of International Yoga Day 2017  celebrated at Shwaasa through this web-blog.

Several renowned yoga schools and eminent teachers have worked relentlessly to preserve the rich heritage of yoga and various yoga styles. One such school is shwaasa who organizes the International Yoga Day every year since its inception under the guidance of inspirational and popular figure Shwaasa Guru Sri Vachananda Swamiji.  With an effort to spread the wisdom of yoga across the globe and to encourage people to take an elemental step towards healthy life and goodness the International Yoga Day 2017 at Shwaasa was organized in the garden city ‘Bangalore’. It was truly a star-studded event which witnessed the presence of some of the globe’s oldest yoga teachers Tao Porchon Lynch, 98 and Amma Nanammal, 97 inspiring millions of them through their knowledge and practice. Lynch is an acclaimed author and Nanammal is a yoga practitioner and teacher based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.  The principal guest for the program was Anna Hazare, an avid practitioner of  yoga. The previous editions were graced by popular celebrities and yoga followers Shilpa Shetty (2015) and Bipasha Basu ( 2016). Held in the Kanteerava Outdoor stadium, the event recorded a footfall of 5,000 practitioners making it grander than before. Having said this, Shwaasa plans to go extravagant with the next edition of International Yoga Day where even more number of International Yoga Stars and Guinness World Record Holders shall grace the occasion.

Yoga Ratna Awards were organized as a part of International Yoga Day to pay tribute to the greatest yoga masters of the globe. Yoga Ratna Awards are given annually by the Shwaasa organization to venerated yoga masters. Yoga Ratna is for excellence in Yoga and Yoga Sammana is for significant contributions in yoga.

A student often speaks about Shwaasa Guru’s aplomb, respectful and warm nature that has won several hearts. He also proudly mentions how his savoir-faire talent, ability to organize mega events with finesse overwhelm them. Further, the students are floored by the Shwaasa Guru’s confidence, enthusiasm, and high vitality. They also speak about a heartwarming quality of Swami Vachananda Ji similar to Swami Veda Bharati, both of them like people, care of them and loves to interact with children. His generosity attracts the human race and his teachings have a profound impact on them.  Sri Swami Vachananda Ji is not only a great teacher but is also a devoted disciple and a keen learner. He bears immense respect for his Gurus, seniors and never places himself as a competitor to them. He always seeks their blessings and considers himself as a junior who is a part of a team teaching yoga to the world.

Swamiji’s statement “ Everyone knows that yoga came to Kannada from the Himalayas and the north, but our saint Basavanna contributed one practice that I am also teaching, and that is trataka of the Istha Linga. This means that spirituality is deeply embedded in your personality and you shall teach more and more people about the science of yoga and its roots in divinity. May the blessings of your Guruva be upon you. Jai Radhe!” Is most liked by his student Jagadananda Das. His only wish for his Yoga Guru Swami Vachananda Ji is to avoid the many pitfalls and to continue the good work.

At the event, a theme on ‘non-religious nature of yoga’  came up and Sri M. made a point that even an atheist can be a yogi. To this Jagadananda Das said, “yoga makes everything better– it makes eating, sleeping, work and studying better–it’s about improving life. It is true that one can be atheist and can practice yoga, but the ultimate improvement in life is to know God. So, yoga improves one’s religious endeavors too.”

Later, he thanked Shwaasa Guru for reviving his Hatha Yoga Practice. He was also thankful to the Guru for assisting, supervising him during the video shoot as he suffered a sudden attack of amoebic dysentery. Moreover, he shared his experience of meeting Yoga Ratna Award winners Pilot Baba and Keiko Aikawa. He briefly mentioned about his roommate from Haridwar Swami Ishwarananda.

Lastly, with immense pleasure, he talked about Tao Porchon lynch and her incomparable energy and awareness. how she is a living testimonial to the benefits of the lifelong practice of yoga asanas and meditation. At the International Yoga day, she was constantly demonstrating yoga asanas like Sarvangasana, Matsyendrasana and even performed a ballroom dance number for the spectators with a bright smile on her face. He divulged a key detail about Tao Porchon that she always wear High Heels.  She was accompanied by Teresa-Kay Aba Kennedy, her student. She has done Ph.D. from Harvard University and is a first person to own a yoga studio in Harlem.

The celebrated International Yoga Day 2017 in the guiding light of yoga luminaries highlighted the fact that the science of yoga is a holistic approach to maintaining harmony between the mind and body.

International Yoga Day 2017 At Shwaasa: Everything About That Day