How to choose the perfect yoga class for your type

The age-old yoga is an amalgam of traditional as well as contemporary yoga styles. Therefore, choosing the perfect yoga for your type is challenging.

While choosing the right yoga class, one must keep in mind the intention of learning yoga. It may vary from individual to individual. There may be a possibility that you want to learn yoga to lose weight; whereas your friend wants to learn yoga to meditate. Hence, you are always free to choose a yoga style that suits your intention. Besides, practicing yoga with an intended mind yields better results.

The following blog has some of the leading yoga styles that you can choose from based on your type:

Hatha Yoga

 For a workout with a steady pace that offers good stretch; the traditional Hatha yoga is the right style. This typical yet beneficial yoga style is practiced in almost all yoga classes, yoga retreats, certification courses, etc. The pace of this style is perfect for a beginner and for someone who wants to practice yoga, irrespective of the age. It teaches you to align your yoga movements with breathing. For a deeper understanding of yoga poses, this style is considerable.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga classes are best suited for those who want to meditate and strengthen mental and physical health as well. This slow-paced yoga style focuses on holding each pose for 3-5 minutes. It challenges the mind especially, in the beginning, when you aren’t used to it. It brings you in a meditative state while holding onto the poses. It activates energy meridians, gives a good stretch to the connective tissues which improve stability, flexibility, mobility in the joints and releases tension in the body.

Ashtanga Yoga

To gain strength and flexibility in the body, enrolling for the ancient Ashtanga yoga classes is the best decision. This physically demanding yoga style synchronizes your breath with the postures and generates body heat to purify the body. During the class, each student works on the yoga sequence independently; while yoga instructors offer guidance if needed. In fact, moving to another pose is restrained until you master the previous one. Therefore, before you enroll for this style, make sure you have enough experience with another style.

Restorative Yoga

To give yourself a break from the restless lifestyle, choose Restorative yoga. As the name says ‘restore’, it passively helps you restore energy in the body through deep relaxation. This contemporary yoga style broadly uses various props (blocks, bolster, folded blankets, etc.) instead of muscles to support the body. During the session, you have to hold each pose for an extended period of 10 to 20 minutes for intense stretching and deep relaxation. It teaches you to enjoy the stillness in the mind and body. This style is also considered convenient for those suffering from injuries or chronic pains. 

Iyengar Yoga

Being a traditional yoga style, Iyengar yoga highlights the anatomical alignment of the body. This makes the style best to learn stability. Iyengar yoga classes are an aggregate of pranayama and asanas designed methodically; held for a longer period. Holding onto the poses eventually develops stability, strength as well as flexibility in the body. Once you are comfortable with the style, you may include props in the practice.

Aerial Yoga

Enrolling for Aerial yoga classes is one of the best options to revitalize yourself from depressed mood. This modern style is also known as antigravity yoga as it is practiced a meter above the ground using hammocks. It is a perfect alliance of traditional yoga, pilates, dance, and acrobatics. The hammocks are used as a swing to support the body in mid-air with less strain. It stretches and strengthens the entire body, decompresses the spine, enhances blood circulation, boosts digestion, etc. Practicing this style for the first time may be frightening but it will boost your mood.

Kundalini Yoga

To develop spiritual energy, kundalini yoga is the preferred choice of most of the yogis. This yoga style combines chanting bhajans, meditation, and intense physical workout. The spiritual energy of this style awakens energy in the body right from the base. Kundalini yoga classes uses rhythm, movement, and sound to channelize energy. As a powerful discipline, it is advised for experienced yoga practitioners.

Power Yoga

This yoga style is well-suited for those looking for fitness-based workouts. Power yoga classes are conducted in a heated room approximately 90-95 degrees. The workout is athletic and sweaty and has a blend of Vinyasa yoga. Consistent practice of this style helps in burning calories, relieving tension as well as elimination of harmful toxins from the body. To practice such an extreme workout, one must master the basic skills first.

If you haven’t had any good experience with yoga previously, give it another try. And, choose the right yoga for your type; you will experience the difference.

How to choose the perfect yoga class for your type