Best Place For Yoga Teacher Training In India

You are already on the right path if you’re looking forward to setting your career in yoga, but this is not enough until you choose the right place to shape your dreams. Which one is the best place to know about yoga other than India, where it all had started thousands of years ago?  The courses here are pocket-friendly, including experienced teachers – who know about the true essence of yoga.

Rishikesh is known as the yoga capital of the world and also the Sanskrit name for the ‘lord of senses’. This holy Indian city rests besides the Ganges and is the birthplace of yoga. Every year millions of devotees visit the yoga capital for a purifying dip. Rishikesh is a blend of spiritual, yogic, and divine energy. Every year it attracts many tourists and yogis to embark on the beautiful journey of yoga.

Rishikesh is a town in Uttarakhand in India. The town has mythological associations with Laxmana and Lord Rama from the epic Ramayana. Rishikesh is known as the yogic capital as it is believed to be the place from where yoga originated in ancient times. Here are some irresistible facts to acknowledge which makes this city incredible.

Reason To Choose Rishikesh For Yoga

•    The only satisfactory reason to choose this town is its authenticity. Thousands of years ago, yoga was born in India.

•    You can find hundreds of certified schools within a short radius. Someone who has the desire to learn has a plethora of options to choose from.

•    Here you can find the most reputed yoga schools at affordable prices.

•    If you want to enroll yourself at a 200-hour YTT program, you may easily find schools that are certified by yoga alliance.

•    Here schools offer all-inclusive packages which save you from paying extra for food and accommodation.

What Is Unique About Rishikesh?

India has thousands of tourist’s destinations. It is a vast country that offers yoga retreats, adventure sports, diversity in flora and fauna, and majestic mountains. What is the unique thing about Rishikesh, which makes it different from all the other places in India?

•    Rishikesh is not only a holy city but also it is a yoga destination. This city is totally meat-free, alcohol-free, and wholly engaged in spirituality. Rishikesh is the best place to learn the authentic form of meditation, yoga poses, and spiritual activities, which makes it unique from other places.

•    The birthplace of yoga is in the mighty Shivalik. The Himalayan town is a perfect place for rafting, rock climbing, and bungee jumping. Rishikesh is a blend of adventure and spirituality both.

•    Besides adventure and yoga, Rishikesh is renowned for its calmness and peace. Only sounds you’ll hear here are of temple bells, nature, and mantra chartings. But, modernization is slowly starting to spread its wings here in this beautiful town as well.

•    A little walk in this town will be rejuvenating and refreshing. It is a perfect weekend getaway to visit amazing locations like Triveni ghat, Laxman Jhula, Ram Jhula, Patna Falls and Muni ki Reti.

Best YTT Courses For Beginners

The birthplace of yoga has a lot to offer. If you’re an enthusiastic yoga learner, it will not be difficult for you to find a yoga teacher training program. There are numerous schools and ashrams offering different types of courses on yoga and Ayurveda. Most of the curriculums are certified by yoga alliance and includes:

  • Yoga philosophy
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa flow
  • Meditation and pranayama
  • Principles of Ayurveda
  • Study of chakras, bandhas and mudras
  • Teaching methodology
  • Yogic cleansing practices
  • Activities in the group
  • Excursions

Yoga At Affordable Price

You can stay here for a long time to experience nature and spirituality along with yoga without worrying about your finances. That is simply because the euro and dollar have a significant advantage over the Indian rupee. You may expect lots of yoga retreat here. For a month-long retreat, you may pay $4000 in the USA and the same can be completed in India in less than half of the cost. The best place for teacher training in India is without any doubt, Rishikesh.

Easy To Get Visa

Rishikesh hosts around tens of thousands of yogis every year, from different countries and cultures. It is a magical place to learn and share your thoughts with like-minded people. Also, it is no secret that you can get an Indian visa easily without much of a hassle.

India is busy, thriving, and chaotic no doubt; but if you want to experience healing energy, it can only be achieved through the birthplace of yoga. This place will teach you that yoga is not only a tool for physical wellbeing but also a way of life. So, embark on a voyage of self-discovery in this magnificent land and fall in love with its magical charm and appeal.


Best Place For Yoga Teacher Training In India