Benefits of Yoga in Morning

According to the Vedic Tradition, early morning is a spiritually charged time of the day. Having said this, there are many individuals who shall happily admit that they are not a morning person; let alone an early morning one. However, there is a treasure hidden in the morning and that is ‘Morning Yoga’. Morning yoga practice is an amazing day to kick-start your day. It is helpful in toning the body, helps connects with the spirit, and leaves you with a feeling of freshness and goodness. Also, Practicing yoga in the morning offers ways to a person to clear the mind and to energize the body for the rest of the day.


So, wake up in the morning, perform gentle yoga sequences and postures such as sun-salutation, mountain pose, bridge asana, and so much more, and loosen up the knots and kinks in the body. Go one day without the yoga routine and you feel different is what regular yoga practitioners say. Tried and tested!

Here is a list of the most incredible benefits of yoga in the morning:

1. Regulates sleep Rhythm and Equipoises the Hormones: You may take a few days to get into the morning yoga routine but once you make this a habit your body naturally becomes habitual to waking up in the morning each day. It makes you feel fresh and energized. While practicing yoga with diligent attention to yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation cast an affirmative effect on the endocrine system responsible for a healthy body maintenance. The endocrine system stimulates hormones that keep you in a state of balance. Morning yoga practice also stimulates the pineal gland that secretes the melatonin hormone which is responsible for regulating sleep patterns.

2. Healthy Consistent Routine: We all lead busy lives and our time is valuable. It gets tough for several entities to enroll in yoga classes owing to the hectic schedules, and by the end of the day either some other priorities prevent us from taking up the practice or we are too tired to perform an asana. Therefore, an early morning practice is highly recommended. It fills you with the sense of empowerment that comes from regular and disciplined yoga practice. It also increases mental strength, makes us more alert for the rest of the day and helps us build healthy, consistent yoga routine.

3. Boosts the digestive system: Morning yoga practice warms up the digestive system and causes a free flow of the nutrients through the body which metabolizes the carbs and fats easily and quickly. The practice of twists invigorates the vital organs, eases the morning pain, and awakens the belly.

4. Prevents Injury and Aches: Lengthening the spine, stretching the body, reducing aches are some of the key benefits of yoga. We spend our entire day sitting in chairs for prolonged hours and morning yoga practice powerfully counters the sedentary life we spend. The art of yoga increases flexibility, perfects posture, and prevents rounding of the spine. The practice of yoga poses in the morning affects the muscle memory and help us stand taller and walk easier as the day progresses.

5. Sets the mental tone: Practicing yoga in the morning calms the mind and steadies the body. Beginning the day with a peaceful mind gives a golden chance to spend the entire day with  serenity. It gives a greater chance to reflect on the goals and to deal with the challenges with a focused and refreshed brain.

6. Soars the Energy levels: The yoga practice involves moving of the body in different shapes and angles and by default, that means cells movement and therefore, cells oxygenate. Greater oxygen supply to the cells refreshes them and this, in turn, revitalizes your whole body. So, boost your energy levels with morning yoga practice.

Embrace the morning yoga routine; step closer to divinity, peaceful nature and align your inner sun with the rhythm of the natural sun.

Benefits of Yoga in Morning