Baby Yoga

Motherhood and the birth of her child counts as a defining moment in any woman’s life. After being safe and secure in a womb for nine months, the possibility of movement and proper development in the outside world can be overwhelming. Here, baby yoga comes to rescue! The meaningful touch and play used in baby yoga gently allows your little-ones to explore their newfound skills as they start to progress and move in different ways. Baby yoga poses help in body balancing. It encourages infants to explore their body movements, helps them gain control of their head and increases confidence in their movement.

Mother and baby yoga is designed for mothers to stay connected with themselves and their baby, enjoying all the new wonders, happiness and discoveries all way along.

Babies are immensely limber and this dexterity helps them perform basic yoga poses with ease. Yoga helps infants sleep at regular intervals. Yoga poses such as happy baby yoga pose and twister yoga pose relaxes their body much faster and helps them get more fulfilling sleep. It is also effective in improving digestion, preventing constipation and colic in infants. The neck is the most fragile area of a baby. Yoga poses strengthen their body muscles that are needed to support their body and head when they sit or take their first steps. The practice of baby yoga improves blood flow in infant’s body and allows them to move around freely.

Baby yoga poses are effective in enhancing the wellbeing of a baby as well as strengthening your physical and spiritual bonding with the child.

Here are few baby yoga poses for you to try with your infant:

Seated Yoga Poses for your baby:Sit on a yoga mat in upright position with crossed legs. Place the baby on your lap facing away from you. Rest your hands gently on your baby’s abdominal region. Take deep breaths and let go off all the tensions as you breathe out. Come in a relaxation state that shall be felt by your baby as well. Now, slowly open and close the arms of baby like the wings of butterfly. Lift their arms up and down. Gently open and cross their arms to wiggle them from side to side. Also, roll their arms one over the other in circular manner. Repeat these movements in succession for around 5 minutes.


Lying Yoga Poses for your baby: Sit on the floor with baby lying on their back. You can also place a blanket under them. Now, gently hold your baby’s legs and move them in such a way as if he/she is cycling. After this, move his/her legs up and down so that their knees touch the chest. Repeat this particular movement with the feet. Bring his/her feet close to his/her chest. ( This is also known as wind-relieving pose or Pavanmuktasana). Move their knees side to side (right and left). Practice this as long as your baby is happy and comfortable.


Standing Yoga Poses for your baby: Sit on the ground with baby standing in front of you. Make sure your baby is facing away from you. Hold onto your baby’s body. Slowly move your baby right to left and sing a poem to make them happy. Move their right leg up such that the knee touches the chest. Repeat this with left leg also.


Leg Lifts or Dwi Pada Uttanasana : Practice leg lifts with your baby. Sit on a yoga mat with bent knees and baby on the shins. Hold your baby and roll onto your back such that the baby is above you (over your knees) face-to-face. Keep holding your baby’s hands. Play around by moving legs back and forth and, shins up and down.


Practice these playful yoga poses with your baby to further their overall development.

Baby Yoga