Affordable Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga teacher training is the next big thing, and essential step aspirants take to grow into their practice and to enhance their knowledge of the holistic art. A comprehensive well-structured program takes you to the deepest layers of the mystical ancient science making you an avid practitioner.

Yoga is the ongoing trend, and who is completely and deeply immersed into the practice craves more from and of it. Acknowledging the same, yoga training is designed to provide authentic, traditional, and rooted knowledge of the holistic art to yoga enthusiasts.

The training program is for all, the one who wants to be a yoga teacher, or studying it out of personal interest, the one who desires to deepen their knowledge or want to be a trained qualified practitioner, etc.

Yoga training is something that entices people from all walks of society.

And if you’re reading this, then you must be thinking to enroll for yoga training.

It is a great idea, but the first-timers or beginners need to do a lot of prep up – from finding a great school, experienced teachers, location, type of training, etc. Amidst all, one general concern remains all the time is the affordability of the program.

Affordable Yoga Teacher Training In India

Finding an affordable and appropriate yoga teacher training program is surely a bewildering task, where most of us think that the budgeted program might be a risk on the quality. But not all the affordable yoga course options are bad, nor do the expensive ones assure the right kind of teaching. In any of the scenarios, it is us who need to look for the best option for ourselves. 

Making Course Affordable

When looking for the ideal and budget-friendly yoga training options, you come across bundles of training choices available out there. You need to scan through to choose the right course, destination, prices, packages and more. Compare from a different website to make the right choice.

Seasonal Training

The second step is to book a training session during the low season rather than peak seasons. Beaches or mountains, you can look for the options during low seasons that put great impact both on the price of air ticket and training.  Consider doing it in the low season, and bag a cheaper deal for yourself.

An All-Inclusive Program

Make sure to enroll for an all-inclusive program that includes accommodation, meals and study material. These programs are budget-friendly and bestows you all the benefits of yoga training without breaking the bank. Along with it, you can go for a shared room or dorms over private to save your money. And this also makes you find new friends with similar inclination.

A Certified School

Being the motherland of yoga, India is the bustling yogic hub that promises to bestow authentic and traditional training of the mystical art. This has led to the emergence of numerous yoga schools, ashrams, studios, etc. all over the country. Though not all are of top quality but, there are plenty of reputed schools that offer an affordable training to the aspirants without compromising on quality like Shwaasa ashram.  Along with checking the affordability of the program, also ensure about the school’s experience, reputation, Yoga alliance Affiliation and more.

Location! Location! Location

Above everything else, location is something that plays a huge role in cutting down the expenses of your yoga teacher training. If you’re looking for affordable yoga training in India, like really affordable then you can consider going to the garden city- Bangalore at Shwaasa or to their branch in Rishikesh.

The school provides highly affordable yoga teacher training, wish to compare, go ahead.

These are some of the locations where Shwaasa conducts their yoga training.


In the magnificent setting of the Garden City start the voyage of holistic learning under the guidance of venerated Shwaasa Guru or Swami Vachananand Ji. The school, the place offers the best and affordable yoga training and is home to some of the exceptionally best yoga erudite.

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The next place is Kerala, known to be God’s own country. The place makes you relish your desire of learning the ancient art in the purest form that too in the budget. When here also relish the flavors of Ayurveda.
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Renowned as the Yoga Capital of the World, Rishikesh is the land of origin that provides rooted learning of yoga and is one of the affordable lands for yogic knowledge. Rishikesh lets you submerge into the glorifying practice of yoga and spirituality.

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Nepal is known as the meditation capital and the birthland of Gautam Buddha. The country is one renowned land of yogic lineage. Explore and become a yogic expert searching the essence of life with yoga training at Shwaasa in Nepal.

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Attain the in-depth learning of ancient art without being harsh on your pockets following the tips and by traveling to these mesmeric

Affordable Yoga Teacher Training in India