Advanced Yoga

The ancient science of yoga that originated 5000 years ago in India has been in practice since decades across the globe. Over the years, the art has evolved much to suit the requirements of the present generation. Several entities take up the art of yoga to heal ailments, enhance body postures, treat several disorders and what not. The art of yoga benefits each and everyone in an extraordinary way. Whatever your reason was for taking up this glorious science– to shed some extra pounds, maintain the work-life balance and numerous other reasons. It has always endowed you with endless vitality, glowing skin, robust health and a beautiful soul.

If you wish to further explore the divine dimensions of this glorious science, then it is highly recommended to take your practice to a next level. Explore new variations of the yoga practice for mindfulness. Advance your yoga practice and take home with you a new skill set for your body and mind.

Practice advanced yoga poses for complete revitalization and rejuvenation. Regular practice of advanced yoga prevents you from chronic pain, insomnia, depression and panic disorders. It ultimately makes you experience a state of tranquility and positivity around. After few classes of practice, it makes your overall body healthier and energetic. You are less prone to various diseases and disorders.

Revive your practice with these advanced yoga poses:

Firefly Pose or Tittibhasana: Begin in standing forward fold pose with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Reach towards your legs to grab your right calf with your right hand and place your right shoulder behind the right calf. Repeat this action with the left hand. Bring your feet to hip distance. Wrap your forearms to the side of the shins and place the palms on top of the feet. Place your hands behind your feet and bend your knees more deeply. Lower your posterior as you raise your feet up. Firm your upper arms to keep the balance. Gaze at a point in front of you. Extend your legs and keep your sternum lifted up. Hold the pose for few seconds and slowly release.


Dancer Pose or Natarajasana: Stand on a yoga mat with straight back and weight evenly distributed between the feet. Shift your weight on the left leg and bend your right knee. Raise your right heel towards your right hip. Grab the inner arch of the right foot with your right hand. Raise your left arm up towards the sky. Slowly bend forward as you raise your right leg up away from the torso. Make sure your right arm is straight. Hold the right shin perpendicular to the mat with the right thigh parallel or higher to the ground. Hold the pose for few even breaths.


Peacock Pose or Mayurasana: Start the pose in cat position. Make sure your fingers are spread and, now move your forehead between the hands. Lean forward firming your abdominal muscles. Extend the hands back with fingers spread and, pull them back in with elbows together. Extend your legs behind with toes tucked in. Lift up your head in forward direction. Move slightly forward, find your balance and eventually lift both the legs off the yoga mat. Keep breathing. Hold the pose for few seconds.


King Pigeon Pose or Rajakapotasana: Begin in downward dog position. Take your right leg forward and the left leg behind. Keep your hips square to the yoga mat. Straighten up your body and take your hands behind until they are on either side of the hips. Lower your hip on the ground and pull your left leg up and hold the left foot with the left hand. Place the heel of the left foot on the elbow and raise your right arm overhead. Try to interlock the fingers of both the hands. Turn your torso forward and look at a point in front of you. Hold the pose for few seconds. Slowly release the pose.


Give your yoga practice a whole new dimension with advanced yoga poses. Reap the most out of it through regular practice.

Advanced Yoga