7 Excellent Benefits of Purvottanasana (Upward Plank Pose)

Purvottanasana, the performance of the posture is heavily connoted with the significance of the Sun’s energy in the philosophy of Yoga. Etymologically speaking, Purva is the east and utthan means rising. It is a posture to be performed in the glory of the rising sun. Wake up early for this one and open your body and being to the Sun’s fiery potential as you move deeper into practice.

Benefits of Upward Plank Pose cover a huge spectrum. At once, the plank stretches out one’s chest, shoulders and front ankle, as well as builds a lot of strength into the triceps, wrists, back, and legs. At a more anatomical level of yogic practice, it is a preparatory and counter-affecting posture to repel the overhangs of doing a strenuous Chaturanga.

And oh yes, you can be a tenderfoot beginner and still access the benefits of Purvottanasana with ease, with a chair support or not. What’s stopping you? Explore these benefits now—

Unwinds From Stress and Stiffness

When was the last time you came home from work feeling crisp and fresh? Generally, it does not happen. Extended sedentary desk hours, proper food, lack of hydration, and stress lead to the nagging trouble that is an ache.

You may feel it in the form of a stiffened shoulder and neck, a stinging pain running down your spine, or suffering a rigidity in the movement of the arms.  Those who yoga will vouch for the elimination of all rigidity, pain, and joint aches as the practice continues. Especially Purvottanasana is a great one-way solution for addressing pain concentrated in different parts.

You will have a happy sensation spreading along your shoulders, all across the width of your chest as your stretch out your heart facing the sky, along the back of your ankles and legs. Nestle in the stretch for 5-8 minutes and the discomfort shall be gone!

Makes Your Core Strong

Are you ambitious about making your arm balances perfect and hold in advanced yoga poses for longer? Strapping abdominal muscles are the ticket to such great feats that screams out ‘core strength’. One of the popular benefits of Upward Plank Pose is the acculturation of real core power. Show some grit and feature this Plank in a vinyasa routine, find your core and stamina tripling.

Building Strength in Triceps and Wrists

Today yoga is just about as popular as a gym for weight-bearing. However, there are only select postures that people know of when it comes to yogic strength training. For example- a routine in Chaturanga Dandasana for an obvious result. However, more people have good reasons not to attempt such a high degree of yoga just yet. Stay safe from the risk of injuries but build muscles anyway with the Upward Plank and see how your wrists toughen up too!

Powers the Legs for Superb Athleticism

Won’t you call it a killer posture if your legs receive some powering up too besides the sheer strength founded in the upper arm and the wrists? Here, you have it. Purvottanasana puts a delicious pressure on your legs and makes them bear it through and through—a strength training that athletes simply can’t deny the benefits of.

Counteracting the Effects of Intensive Upper-body Workout

The list of health benefits of Purvottanasana is long and varied, ranging from a hiked-up metabolic rate to heart wellness. Besides the perks for fitness and strapping health, did you know how the pose is also good for counteracting the excesses of other posture practices? Say for example- Chaturanga Dandasana, one we have already talked about, always forms an integral part of any yogasana strength training. Excessive training and beginner level training in this intensive pose also needs some movement to counterbalance the magnitude of its effects, lest there happens a chest constriction or limitation in the arms movement. Following an intensive upper-body workout or replacing one such severe pose altogether with the Plank can practically save you from injuries.

Fills Up With Optimism By Raising Our Hearts High

The heart chakra is a source of optimism and happiness and the Upward Plank pushes the heart on the high. Naturally, you get more ease in breathing and feel pretty good.

The Mind is Dialed to Mode Relaxation

For beginners in yoga, poses can be a drill but as you settle in the practice and open your mind-body to the gradually incoming calmness of purvottanasana, you will find your thoughts naturally lapsing into a mode of relaxation when you lift your pelvis from the floor and let your head fall back.

7 Excellent Benefits of Purvottanasana (Upward Plank Pose)