6 Yoga Ways to Lead with Your Heart

There is a Chinese saying that nothing can be right if your heart is not in it. When you lead your heart, you tend to feel happy, peaceful and prosperous all at once. We can only follow our heart when we feel free, fearless and vulnerable, and possible if we have an open heart that leads us to a much richer and fuller life with deeper experiences.

Opening of the heart can be a bit difficult in this modern world that blurs our vision to see through the right things crediting to unpleasant experiences. But involving certain practice like loving yourself or forming true connection within can help.

Power Of The Heart

Our heart generates the most powerful electromagnetic field out of all the body organs, which can literally be detected by a machine even ten feet away from the human body. This works and proves when we sometimes sense someone else’s energy inclined with ours. The same energy helps us to know what we want and whom we want to be around. This guides one’s actions and reactions.

Heart Center

Anahata Chakra or heart chakra is a major energy point located at the center of the chest and is responsible for influencing the other organs including the heart and lungs. An unbalanced heart chakra leads to emotions like fear, shyness, fear of getting hurt, feeling of unloved or being anxious to be in a bad relationship, etc. Heart chakra refers to compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, unconditional love and joy.

Leading The Heart

Removing the layer of fear and doubts lets you be more exposed and get a clearer insight of true self, its beauty, capacity. It makes you able to connect more deeply on an intrinsic level. Leading the heart means opening it despite our fears and vulnerabilities, and forming a richer connection with the self and world. Self-love and a deeper connection within helps to accept ourselves, feel more centered, cherish things as they are and change perspective.

Unlocking The Heart Center: Anahata Chakra

Anahata Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means un-struck wheel, and it refers to the swirling of the energy pranic or vortex center and is related to the heart organ located in the center of the chest. Leading with the heart can be scary and uncomfortable as it requires a level of vulnerability and humility. Anahata Chakra is the focal point of awareness in all the heart opening postures, and concentration on the heart helps in cultivating the feeling of kindness and compassion towards your surroundings and people. When it comes to unlocking the heart, physical practice is the way out, and what is better than the holistic practice of yoga.

How Yoga Helps?

It is said that to love others unconditionally, we need to love ourselves first and the practice of yoga makes us follow the same. Practicing yoga facilities deepening of the connection with self, the same way we had before we stepped into the world, faced its reality and got to know about other relationships. Through the practice, we ignite awareness, discover the true self, and get clear on what we actually want from life. The practice of yoga facilitates an energetic heart opening and at the same time builds strength in our core.

1. Surrender Fear and Tension:

The day you begin with the yogic journey the first step you take is moving out of your comfort zone realizing tension and fear. Move as far as it is safe, listen to sensations, respect your body’s limitations and rise. Trust the ancient science, and settle into the posture hold for a while to set yourself free. Without the need to control, let the pose allowed you to arise within.

2. Take the Resolution:

 Another step to lead with your heart is to set the goal or intention to work efficiently towards accomplishing it. Setting an intention is all about choosing a positive assertion to guide and shape the practice. This way you restore balance in life, invoke a feeling, stabilize emotions and imbibe love, acceptance, gratitude, and forgiveness.

3. Something for Yourself:

Follow the daily regime incorporating yoga into it making it more fulfilling and healthy. And amidst all do something exclusively for yourself be it big or small. It can be reading a book, planting a tree, sipping favorite tea or going for a massage, etc.

4. Asanas to Practice:

Leading with the heart can be possible by igniting a love for self which can be done by practicing heart opening postures like Half Moon Pose, Child’s Pose, Camel Pose, Reclined Hero’s Pose, Upward Wheel Pose, Forward Fold, and Savasana. Stretching the chest and relaxing the shoulders proves really effective and, along with, practice Sun Salutation and Ujjayi Breathing.

5. Think Positive:

It is said that negativity and positivity lie within and attracts the same energy from the outer world. So it is we who need to change and bring more goodness to us by thinking and saying nice things. Yoga helps us with the same bring positivity and inspire us to share the same to feel more connected and loved.

6. Acknowledge your Strength:

Yoga journey teaches us a lot like making us aware of our strength. Identifying and honoring the strength rather than focusing on the weakness is what we learn during the session. It is the best way to practice self-love, open the heart space, build a sense of well-being, and reduce feelings of judgment, fear, jealousy, and envy.

With unpleasant certainties life throws, we lost love and connection with self. But with yoga, we get a clearer vision, and we set ourselves free to lead with our heart.

6 Yoga Ways to Lead with Your Heart