6 Excellent Benefits of Yoga for Men

With its booming popularity all over the world, yoga is gradually becoming a part of everyone’s life including working professionals, elderly people, men, women, and children too. However, despite its immense popularity, the number of male practitioners are less than female practitioners. This is because most of the men are unaware of the wondrous benefits of yoga. They think of it as more of a light physical exercise ideal for women or as a spiritual practice and, hence are unable to relate well with it. The common fitness mantra of men is – Going to Gym. However, yoga is a better way to enhance your overall being without spending too much of your money and time. It is advisable for men to give yoga a shot because the benefits of yoga for men are massive. The ancient healing art can change the entire life of both men and women.


Take a look at some of the hard-to-ignore benefits of yoga for men which will convince you to hit your yoga mat from very now:

Relieves Stress and Increases Productivity: The everyday life of the today’s competitive scenario is all about stress and constant pressure. Be it meeting deadlines at workplace or arranging a family reunion or fulfilling the familial duties, men are prone to stress. Regular practice of yoga lowers the level of stress and anxiety. Yoga instantly activates the parasympathetic nervous system and reduces the level of cortisol– a primary stress hormone. The high level of cortisol can harm thyroid function, increase blood pressure, cause inflammation, etc. Deep meditative practices and breathing exercises train the mind to stay calm and grounded in discomforting situations. Also regular practice of yoga impacts the daily productivity. Researches have shown that a few minutes of yoga on everyday basis improves memory and cognitive control. It increases focus and confidence, which can help you take better decisions and give better output.

Prevents Injuries: Whether they are athletically active or working for hours at sedentary jobs, men often experience aches, pains and injuries in different ways. Yoga can help here too. Yoga provides a range of motion to the muscles, lengthens and strengthens them and eliminates tightness and strain. By lengthening and strengthening the connective muscles, yoga improves flexibility and improves joints durability.

Keeps Fit, Flexible and Strong: Performing yoga postures on a regular basis brings numerous health benefits. It increases blood circulation within the body, ensuring the proper functioning of the vital organs of the body. Better blood flow results in more oxygen supply to the muscles and organs, which helps them grow and function better. Also, yoga lengthens the muscles, improves flexibility, builds stamina and strength, increases bone density and keeps diseases at bay.

Enhances Sexual Performance: Yoga can amazingly boost your sex drive. It improves all sexual functions in men such as performance, desire, ejaculation, etc. It helps increase arterial blood flow which results in increased pleasure and performance. Also, regular practice of yoga increases body awareness and helps get rid of toxins that affect sexual performance of men.

Improves the quality of life: When the person is physically fit and mentally stable, he is able to enjoy every moment of his life to the fullest. Yoga helps accomplish that. It not only helps you stay fit and active, but also gives a sense of calm, content and inner joy. Bringing yoga into life changes the whole lifestyle. Yoga helps us to know ourselves in a better way, thus improving our relationship with us and, with others. It helps us stay relaxed, grounded, and keeps us in the moment.

So dude, bring yoga into your life and get the life you had been craving for without investing a great deal of your time and money.

6 Excellent Benefits of Yoga for Men