6 Amazing Elements to Make an Ideal Yoga Room

It is a beautiful idea to take up yoga practice in the comfort level of your own place or converting a place into an ideal yoga studio. However, owning a yoga mat is not entirely enough for ensuring the yoga practice is just as beautiful as the idea of it. There are certain elements that work in combination with each other to ensure an ideal yogic experience. The space and the ambiance play a significant role in this.


Whether you are creating a yoga room for self-practice or converting into a yoga studio for a batch of yogis, here is a list of the six surfacing elements that make up for an ideal yoga room for you to indulge in an inspiring yoga practice:

Choose the Right Direction

Direction matters – just like the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west, just like every celestial body follows a particular direction and an order during their course, it is equally important for this celestial science to be studied and performed in a direction that compliments it, preferably in the direction of the sunrise, i.e. the east. The very first element for yoga is to choose a direction that symbolizes yoga and spirituality. North and east are the two major directions that express and signify yoga and spirituality. Hence, if you happen to have a room in this direction of the house or the studio then it would be the best option to convert into an ideal yoga space.

Make Way for Yogic Experience

Things, objects, accessories might complete the utility and purpose of a usual room. However, in case of yoga room, the lesser the better. It is important to de-clutter and throw it all out. Create as much breathing space as possible for optimum experience. Do not keep anything that goes more than a few feet above ground level. You should be able to feel and visualize yoga in every corner of the floor without feeling blocked or asphyxiated.

Select a Soothing Color Palette

Think pastels, earthy tones or a neutral color palette. You can go with wooden interiors for an organic feel. Choose from colors like brown, olive green, mustard, or pastel tones like powder blue, lavender, pale green, baby pink, pale yellow, etc. If you are a fan of wall art then search for inspirational quotes about life, spirituality, fitness, meditation in earthy neutrals to ignite the place with the essence of yoga.

Set the Ambiance with Inspirational Scriptures and Lights

You may select from a range of handmade corner pieces made of clay or wood for an organic appeal. You can search through local flea markets for procuring these handicrafts. Keep the ambiance as natural and organic as possible so you can connect with the gifts of nature while indulging in yoga, a science that proposes the most natural ways to a transformed human body, mind and soul. Search for scented candles, tea lights for venerating the yogic experience to the fullest.

Hunt for Yoga Essentials

Now that the yoga room is nearly complete, it is time to add the most crucial yoga essentials that make up a refined yoga practice. Shop for PVC or Jute based yoga mats for practicing yoga asanas, bolsters and blocks for restorative asana practices, necessary props for adjustment and alignment practices, yoga straps and belts, a couple of blankets for yoga nidra session. You can add an antique trunk for storing these essentials neatly in an orderly manner. Remember, yoga room is also about de-cluttering as much as possible.

Add Some Music and Mirrors

Some soothing music in the backdrop shall definitely add to a great yoga class. Keep the music selection instrumental. If you would like then you may search for mantra chanting audios which can be played during meditation practice and during restorative sessions as well. An ideal yoga practice requires perfect execution of each and every posture with correct alignment. And, to ensure a great yoga practice, you shall feel the need to check on each posture yourself. Hence, decorating the facing wall with floor length mirrors is highly recommended for this purpose.

Get transported into a peaceful solace in this picture perfect yoga room. And, embark upon a brand new journey of self-transformation.

6 Amazing Elements to Make an Ideal Yoga Room