5 Ways to Make Yoga a Practice for Life

Many avid yogis can’t shy away from admitting that it took them enormous time to finally build a well-founded yoga practice and actually make a lifelong commitment to the discipline. If you are in the early stages of internalizing the discipline, or merely contemplating yoga, make sure not to beat yourself up for faltering midway. While committing to a lifelong yoga practice is one of the best decisions you can ever make, a certain struggle will always be there to make your practice actually stick.


The best way to get started is to enroll in a class which is as much about asanas as about the underlying philosophical groundwork of yoga, and interrelated meditation, and holistic wellbeing. That being done, you need to work on the subtleties of your daily life in such a way that yoga can be seamlessly incorporated.

Here is what to remember:

Going Off the Mat is Not Going Off Yoga

To yoga is not just bending to prescribed postures at designated hours. If you do not intent to take your yoga beyond the limited hours and scope of your classes, the practice will falter and fall away. The depth of consciousness that you are likely to experience when performing asanas- which is one aspect of the method of attaining awareness, must be retained through meditation.

  • Start every day with a few minutes of meditation. To carve out the time, wake up early, sit in padmasana and concentrate thoroughly on your breathing, thus creating a meditative mind space for the rest of the day to unfold in peace and equilibrium.
  • Practice yoga nidra before bed
  • Make each activity of the day slow and mindful, take in each sensation, each stream of thought arising in your mind consciously
  • Listen to meditative music
  • Take a hike in nature
  • Consciously check malicious thoughts, convert them into something tranquil and beautiful, or  prayer of well being for the world

Yoga Truly Hits When It is Challenging

To not quit in the face of a challenge works towards expansion of personal boundaries. At the beginning, many yoga aspirants might think it is not in their capacity to do a simple downward dog by touching their toes. Only when you will allow the strain and strive on nevertheless to touch your toes can you go beyond your perceived boundaries.

Understand how to do yoga surpassing the challenges of your current position. Continue making time, even when squeezing yoga out of the daily schedule seems the most convenient thing to do. Continue holding a posture even if it’s straining your muscles. Continue attempting meditation even when the mind is torn with a thousand conflicting thoughts.

Override the weaker elements in yourself with a simple and sincere promise each day, pronounce it: “I will find a way to practice yoga today”.

Include Others As much As You Can

To be human is to be invested in human relationships, and rightly so. To be bound to other people and other people’s lives occupy a majority of time in our lives. While it remains highly essential to stay connected with fellow human beings, you must try to draw them inside your fold of yogic lifestyle.

Ask a friend to join you in the experience. Yoga could make a healthy way to spend time with a valued one. Hold family meditation time before dinner when gathering at the table with all the members of the house after a hard day. Take an initiative to connect with your co-worker by asking her to join you in a meditative walk before work starts. Plan a brief yoga retreat program to spend intimate time with your children.

Supplement Your Yoga with Healing Modalities

Healing practices like Ayurveda, reiki, or naturopathy as alternate medicinal systems are great modalities to drive your lifestyle on a sustainable path. By moving away from side-effect and dependence upon modern medicine, the quick-gratifications of fast food diet and the like through these healing modalities will help you be stable on the path of yoga. Compliment your yoga practice this way.

Become More Loving and Compassionate

Implement your new found sensibilities from yoga by veering your activities towards a humanitarian cause. Be more loving and compassionate to the people around you. Remember to forgive. Remember to help the needy. Thus, stay on the lifelong path of yogic duty.

5 Ways to Make Yoga a Practice for Life