5 Reasons to Practice 108 Sun Salutations

As a regular yoga practitioner, you would have experienced life-changing transformations. Feeling calm, focused and internally content both on and off the mat. However, at certain points, you may also feel spiritually disconnected and sluggish too. If you are seeking ways to uplift and reinvigorate your yoga practice, consider practicing 108 Sun Salutations.


Popularly known as Surya Namaskar, Sun Salutation is a set of 12 asanas that energizes the solar plexus region within the body, which is connected to various energy levels in the body. Performing Sun Salutation 108 times is a powerful practice meant to stretch, flex and enhance your entire body and mind. It is an incredible way to detoxify both physically and, mentally. Doing 108 Sun Salutations can be quite daunting and difficult. It requires great strength, stamina and an innate zeal to complete all the 108 Sun Salutations. With regular efforts, one can master this formidable task with ease. Over time, one can see the wonderful benefits it brings such as increased energy, sharpness, and focus. When done at a fast-pace, it works as an aerobic workout and when done at a slow-pace, it works as a meditative practice.

It is a memorable gesture to end the winter and welcome the arrival of spring. It can be performed at anytime during the day. Take a glance at who can benefit from the 108 Sun salutations:

Those who want to be in the present moment: While performing 108 Surya Namaskar Series, your mind may easily get filled up with various types of thoughts. Thoughts like ‘how many more poses to go?’ or ‘how much time it will take to get the work done?’ keep running in mind. But the fact is, there is always just one salutation at one time-the current one. This practice gives 108 opportunities to come back; to reach back to your practice, to your breath and to the present moment. It encourages you to be in the present moment and, allows your mind to stay focused and calm without thoughts or expectations.

Those who want to develop Self-acceptance: It is not easy to let go of expectations about how your practice should look or feel like. We all are different with different mindset and physical features. It is not necessary that two people will practice 108 Sun Salutations in the same way. One may rest more than the other, or both can make same level of adjustment in order to be comfortable. Our yoga practice is always our own. We will do as per body’s limitations and can only start where we are today. Practising 108 Sun Salutations provides the opportunity to love yourself the way you are by developing self-love and acceptance.

Those who want to connect to a greater cause: Generally, the purpose of doing 108 Sun Salutations is connected to a cause or intention which transcends our individual egos and desires. When you join a group of like-minded people, you feel a special power or energy that rises and takes over all your expectations and desire. Practice to connect to a higher cause and, feel the difference in your practice.

Those who want to change their thought patterns: Finishing 108 Sun Salutations initially is a difficult task. But once done accomplished, you feel motivated and encouraged. Not only your physical practice is motivated but your mind as well. Stepping out of the comfort zone, trying and finishing something challenging, a lot of our confidence is boosted which is reflected in other key areas of life as well.

Those who want to transform their life: 108 Sun Salutations is a powerful practice that will change your life in many ways. It is not that easy and one requires a lot of commitment and dedication in order to meet this challenge. While performing 108 Sun Salutations, you push your boundaries mentally and physically, strive to calm your buzzing mind and focus on the present moment.

Give your mind and body the respect and care they deserve with 108 Sun Salutations.

5 Reasons to Practice 108 Sun Salutations