11 Reasons to Do Your Yoga Teacher Training In India

There is not one single reason to do yoga teacher training in India, because we have 11 of them for you! Yes, India serves the best Yoga teacher training courses in the entire world because it’s the birthplace of Yoga and has passionately continued the holistic practices for over, wait-for-it, centuries!

Amongst the countless number of options, how would you know which one is the best? It’s simple. Just dive into the source of it, and there you are! If you are knocked over to find out why so many articles and blogs of every platform on the web claim to have their bets on the teachings and practices of Yoga in India, then you must continue to read to find out the reasons to do yoga teacher training in India.

Top 11 reasons to do Yoga Teacher Training in India

1. Cultural Shock

India has a lot of history, whether political, religious, or social. A country which has seen the worlds change in front of them, territories divided overnight, wars, a new civilization and a drastic shift from agricultural to industrial development in such a short period. It is naturally understood that the lives of the people were affected the most. This led to a shift and formation of several cultural differences. India is a country who lives up to the tagline “unity in diversity”. So, outsiders enjoy the little and big communities, some tribal and some elite company in India other than the ancient architecture, monuments like Taj Mahal which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

2. Yoga Alliance Certified Schools/Centers

Grow with society, learn from the people because the first step of attending the Yoga teacher training is to feel grounded, kind, and become the voice of people.

The most important step you need to imprint in your memory is the unparalleled need to find a Yoga school which not necessarily is the best in displaying at the top of other advertising pages, but still offers the Yoga Alliance certification. This stamp is going to define whether you are going to have a future in Yoga or not!

Other parts of the world won’t offer you a full-fledged knowledge as much as what India can. Become a part of Yoga teacher training to expand your perspective about India and its mystical frequencies!

3. Traditional Yoga Gurus


Try to find a country or any state who is going to give you the original information. We can bet that the provided scripts would either be filtered or customized as per the abilities and comfort of the students. The only place where you can trust the source in a certified school is, India. Yoga practitioners, teachers, Yoga gurus are present everywhere from cities to villages, deeply expanding the idea of their yogic lifestyle. These traditional gurus are highly experienced and have multiplied their skills and practice in the forests of Himalayas. If you are lucky enough, you will get to become their shishya (student) to gain the stored yogic wisdom for living a joyful life.  

4. Cheap And Affordable

If you didn’t know already, India is inexpensive and extremely affordable, unlike many other tourist countries. With the possibility of saving your money for other excursions, spicy street food, holiday destinations, visiting India sounds like a wise decision. Artists, musicians, actors from all around the world come to India for new inspiration, because they believe the diversity and the variety are so much that the subjects, ideas, and motivation never gets to an end here.

Yoga Teacher Training India is that pending activity you need to cover, especially if you are lacking the words like peace, love, joy, patience, and balance in your life.

5. Ayurveda

The Ayurveda city in India is the ever-beautiful Kerala! From houseboats to herbs, spices, oil massages with the Ayurvedic ingredients to the healing properties of Ayurveda. You name it! The knowledge of Ayurveda is not just active in the lush green forests of Kerala, but also in many other isolated parts of India.

Ayurveda is probably one of the biggest reasons to do yoga teacher training in Indiamany Yoga schools offer the basic understanding of Ayurveda in the curriculum, even the cooking classes, with other therapeutic sessions only in India.

6. Authentic Yoga Teachings


Let’s talk about the untouched or the original Yoga teachings straight from the Vedic scriptures, Upanishads, or the sacred books of Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, and even Hatha Yoga Pradipika. All these Sanskrit texts comprise of the wisdom which has been sprinkled throughout the world to make people aware of the true meaning of life.

The accuracy and correct alignment in postures to the methodological study of the art and science of Yoga was possible only from the scriptures from India. Therefore, the authenticity is still alive in India unlike any other parts of the world.

7. Diversity On Terrain

Are you still wondering with the question of ‘why should I do yoga teacher training in India’? Then maybe you are looking for other activities too, apart from the primary goal of attending a Yoga teacher training IndiaDon’t worry, India comes with more than what you can even imagine only if you have a big heart to explore and look at the beauty of India. Like the territorial differences in every state, on each region giving you the illusions of entering a whole new country. This is the magic of India, which you can see so much in a small time frame.

Witness the change in the landscapes, the features of the people, the lifestyle, the food, and the drastic change in the weather conditions.

8. Spiritually Active State


Your purpose of coming to India is simple, to become a professional Yoga teacher by the end of your 200-hour, 300-hour, or 500-hour course from the famous places like the ‘Mecca of Yoga’, Rishikesh or any other part of the country as far as your goals are met and your service is lit. The reward of every YTT is to become a balanced individual both mentally and physically, but what can be above that?

The sheer zeal to become enlightened by uplifting your spiritual self! How is this even possible? Well! Yoga, Pranayama activities, and Meditation add up to your personal growth and what better than to make it happen in the spiritually-active state like India.

9. Detoxifying Vegetarian Food


Another important part of the Yoga teacher training is highlighting the need for living a yogic lifestyle and eating freshly made vegetarian food. The use of seasonal fruits, green vegetables, herbal drinks, and simple food is a part of any reputed Yoga school.

This is a detoxifying part of the course where one gets to cleanse the body by consuming the nutritious foods and releasing the unwanted toxins from the body. Also, if there is one thing you won’t fall short of, is the availability if the agricultural, vegetarian food.

 10. Peaceful Environment

Yoga teacher training will make perfect sense if you are in a peaceful environment, especially if you are a beginner! India incorporates many secluded areas which sometimes become the ‘temporary’ homes for the aspiring yogis who are trying to make themselves one with nature, the universe. In the peaceful areas of India like Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Gokarna, peaks of Uttarakhand, Rishikesh, Sikkim and more, many yogis meditated and chanted for years to see more than what already exists.

Any smart person would know that just because a country is populated in numbers, it does not mean that all the parts of the country are going to be chaotic. So, enjoy transforming yourself into a yogi in the blissful environment of India.

11. Sages, Sadhus And Like-Minded People

Get ready to find several sages who are going to fill you up with their bundle of knowledge about Yoga and the universal force/light. These sadhus can be found anywhere in the divine cities, sometimes they are just strolling around the streets of India in orange clothes, with the aspiring yogis who are willing to put their heart and mind into the practices of Yoga.

Make yourself comfortable in the company of like-minded people or many yogis who come to India, majorly to finesse their skills, and master the art of Yoga by taking the Yoga Teacher Training in India.

11 Reasons to Do Your Yoga Teacher Training In India