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Learn and practice the most traditional and authentic styles of Yoga. Gain knowledge and expertise from the best yoga teachers.

Yoga courses in Bangalore at Shwaasa are designed in this respectyoga courses adopting the precepts from the science of Vedanta and Vedic literature to tune the body and the mind in the harmony that it was born with. First of all, the participants are being given lessons on strengthening the body and then the mind and spirit as well through different postures of asanas and breathing techniques (Pranayama). This makes the body more immune to diseases and more strong and sturdy. It certainly increases the strain bearing capacity and stress resilience along with building a nervous system made of steel. It definitely increases courage, determination, creativity, mental and physical hygiene making a positive contribution in all aspects of life, be it health, wealth, relationships, peace and prosperity.

Shwaasa offers regular yoga courses in different aspects of Yoga and initiating one on the path of Ashtanga Marg of Yoga as per Pathanjali Yoga Sutras and the ancient science of Vedas. As Yoga is an ancient science and there have been few styles and evolutions that it went through, Shwaasa also teaches and professes those schools of thoughts as well.

Yoga means united and it is intended for the unity with the whole world and the environment in harmony and peace. It is not just asanas that you practice which is the first part of the yogic way of living but most importantly being in harmony with the body and the mind.

It brings about a total transformation in the whole body-mind-spirit where in you start belonging more to your environment and also start taking more responsibility at large. This quality of Yoga makes it so popular and this is where it is different from physical exercises. While physical exercises give you physical strength, it provides you the inner strength with the physical strength as well which is tuned in harmony and in accordance with your biorhythm. This in turn, makes you more humane and compassionate and helps you to bloom which can only happen when cells of the body are free of stresses and the mind is free of any inhibitions.

Types and Methods

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is the eight fold path that sets one on the locus of mind and body purification purification and makes the mind and body strong enough to endure the divine unity of one.Not everyone aspires for divine unity but it certainly helps to lead a life of purity and in accordance with the divine precepts and doctrines. This not only makes one more happy and peaceful but bestows one with abundance of peace, prosperity and opulence.

Bikram yoga

Bikram Yoga is a part of Hatha Yoga practices consisting of twenty-six postures of exercises which make the body thrive with extra energy and function at 100 percent of its capacity. Practice of these pumps in more oxygenated blood to all parts of the body restoring the functions of such organs to the highest working order. This will automatically usher in proper weight, immune system, muscle tone and a great sense of well being.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is derived from the words, “Ha” which means the Sun and “Tha” means the Moon. Hatha Yoga blends all the practices of Yoga as prescribed in the scriptures which blends asanas, pranayamas and mudras together with meditation only to prepare the body for purification. This type of Yoga blends both the Yoga postures represented by the Sun as well as the Moon which brings the maximum benefit to the body. There has to be a balance in the energy as too little of it can result into a dull mind and too much of it may lead to an angry disposition. Only when there is a balance in the energy levels can we experience health and vitality which is the primary goal of Hatha Yoga. The courses of Shwaasa teach the sequence of postures of Hatha Yoga which involves both active and passive postures guiding the energies of the body to a state of equilibrium.

Iyengar Yoga

This approach is a technique that teaches consciousness through focus on anatomical precision with alignment in positions. There will be an emphasis on restorative healing physical ailments.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga prepares one to experience life in a more intense way. Whatever we do and in whatever way we explore our desires of enjoyment it is for a more intense way of living to enjoy more. But if done through the worldly ways it ends up in more misery as there is no end of desire. Kundalini Yoga lays down the precepts of increasing one’s energy and helps to enjoy life to the full with more purity, control and in a more holistic manner.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga incorporates traditional asanas and the yogic exercises as well as prescribed in the Vedic literature to give the effects on the body and thrill of exercises in the gymnasium. Power Yoga has been invented by few of the Yoga aspirants infusing the Yoga techniques and the thrill of physical exercises.This kind of blending of Yoga postures with the thrill of physical exercises gives the practitioners a fit body and mind along with invigourating energy.


This is usually a spiritually focused perform emphasizing Vedanta beliefs and recitation of mantras. The idea incorporates techniques through all the doing yoga paths karma.


This can be a method which emphasizes the unique demands of every individual. It gives professionals the tools to help individualize and actualize the method with self discovery and even transformation.


Vinayasa Yoga is a form of Yoga which is a sequential movement interlinking the Yoga postures to give it a continuous flow. It is a kind of meditation in movement with a sequence of Yoga steps followed one by one in tandem along with a particular rhythm of brea