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One of the highly-regarded yoga centers in Bangalore, Shwaasa Yoga Kendra is approved by the government of Karnataka. The courses taught at the centre are 100% authentic and every form, be it Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, or any other, is practiced with equal dedication and seriousness. All sessions are facilitated by revered gurus of yoga and spirituality, such as SwamiVachananand also known as Shwaasa Guru himself. With years of practice and commitment to their kitty, the yoga masters at the centers are some of the best in the country and abroad.

Shwaasa centre also takes active part in promoting yoga therapy and research, starting within their own organization itself, in the hope of changing the mind-set of the whole society that we live in today. Their motive is to spread the awareness of Yoga to every corner of the world so the whole humankind can benefit from its wisdom and move gradually towards a better, healthier, and happier way of living.

The centre also emphasizes on the differences between yoga and other forms of physical exercises and lays it out that yoga energizes and strengthens the body’s internal organs as well as immune system and brings balance between our mind, body, spirit, thus, preventing a lot of physical, mental, and emotional ailments that we are otherwise prone to. They also highlight the importance of a yogic life over modern medicine. Medicines, as we know, are consumed in order to cure a disease or a prevailing condition, however, the main aim of a yogic way of life is to eradicate the root cause of an ailment and to adapt self-discipline and restrictions in every aspect of our life, which unknowingly result in such diseases and conditions.

Yoga has been practiced since science discovered any medicines at all. And, as records would show, sages and human beings during that pre-historic period had way more longevity than an average human being these days. In the rush of making inventions and innovations, the fruits of yoga were lost somewhere, however, for the last few years, yoga has found its place back in our society and life, and its many benefits on a human life are being discovered every day. So much so, that yoga has become a popular subject in schools, colleges, institutions, and several organizations mainly aimed at promoting yoga and yogic way of life. Not only do we now feel the need of yoga at all levels of society, but also, we acknowledge the impact it can have in making this planet a more peaceful, prosperous, and harmonious place to live in.
The only and probably the most substantial difference of Shwaasa as compared to other yoga centers is that all courses and sessions at the centre are being led and guided by monks like Swami Vachananand who have dedicated their lives for the upliftment of the human race through Yoga and such other practices. These training courses are taught all over the world in different continents in different social and economic settings.


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