The salubrious waves of the holy river Tungabhadra, spellbinding natural vegetation and the spiritual blissfulness of multiple temples - Harihara is certainly a place to be in if you are in search of spirituality. Every travel lover would be blessed to glimpse the incredible beauty of this small Kannada town in the lap of nature. Every year, thousands of Hindu devotee’s visit Harihara - the seat of God Harihareshwara’s Temple, which is a stunning example of 13th-century Kannada architecture.

The place enjoys a pleasant climate all over the year and offers the perfect opportunity to travelers, spiritual seekers, yogis and history aficionados to explore this beautiful place and learn more about its fascinating past.

Things to do in Harihara

Relish the spiritual taste of Sri Harihareshwara Temple

Also known as ‘Dakshina Kashi’, Harihara is a sacred place of worship for Hindus. The Kannada town is considered important in both Shaivism and Vaishnavism traditions. The principal deity of the temple is Lord Harihara - an integration of Lord Vishnu (Hari) and Shiva (Hara). A large statue of God Harihara can be found inside the temple, where people from all over India come to pay their respects to the supreme God. The Harihareshwara Temple was built in the year 1224 during King Narasimha II of Hoysala Empire.

In addition to the famous Harihareshwara, you can find a number of temples and spiritual centers in Harihara. Banashankari Temple, Ayyappa Temple, Sri Kalika Devi Mandir, etc. are some of the other places where spirituality can be experienced in abundance. Explore the town and feel blessed by its incredible religious beauty.

Take a dip in the sacred Tungabhadra River

Tungabhadra is a major river of South India and holds an important place in Hindu Dharma. In the midst of the luscious natural and spiritual delight of Harihara, Tungabhadra River adds beauty to the breathtaking environment. Bath in the river before having a darshan in the ancient temple and purify your mind and soul. A number of people can be seen meditating and worshipping Lord Harihara on the riverbanks. The purity and tranquility of the river, along with its sweet babbling sound, create a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Experience soulful revival with a Yoga program

Harihara is an ideal place to fall in love with the beauty of Yoga. From the environment to natural geography, everything favors the town when it comes to practicing Yoga. Although Yoga is quite popular as a tradition in Harihara, various Yoga schools such as Shwaasa Yoga Center is located here. Since the town sits very far from the hustle bustle of city life, Yoga teachers and students consider it a genuine spot for attaining the wisdom of Yoga. Not only Yoga teacher training courses but also retreat programs are organized in Harihara’s stupendous beauty. Thanks to the spiritual ambition of honorable Swami Sri Vachananand Ji, who is popularly known as Shwaasa Guru, Harihara town has been transformed to an amazing site for yogic pilgrimage.

Shwaasa yoga ashram happens to be the most popular yoga school in the town witnessing a huge footfall of aspiring yogis every session. In the seat of the Shwaasa Yoga Institute, numerous people from all over the world come to let their soul breathe in the yogic air by entering a zone of mindfulness and soulful awakening. The peaceful aura of the town, the gurgling Tungabhadra River, the friendly locals, there is something pious and spiritual about this ancient old town which creates the ideal environment to indulge in the practice of yoga. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enroll for a yoga course while you are here.

Popular Tourist Attractions near Harihara

Ranebennur Blackbuck Sanctuary

At just about 20 km from Harihara, you can witness the richness of nature at Ranebennur Blackbuck Sanctuary. The 119 sq km sanctuary is aimed towards the protection of blackbucks. The jungle also has great Indian bustard, wolves, wild pigs, porcupines, etc. in good number. Primarily, the forest’s vegetation consists of scrubs and Acacia plants. It will be a fascinating visit to one of the few blackbuck sanctuaries in the country.

The Heritage Town of Hampi

Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located about 130 km north-east of Harihara. Set your foot on the soil of Hampi and appreciate the beautiful architecture of world-famous monuments that were built during the Vijayanagar Empire. A large number of Hindu and Jain monuments such as Achyutaraya Temple, Hemakuta Hill monuments, Virupaksha Temple, Ganagitti Temple etc. are in Hampi which one can have a glimpse of. More than a million people join Hampi Utsav that is organized by the Government of Karnataka annually.

Chitradurga Fort

The ancient Chitradurga Fort is a historian’s favorite spot in Karnataka. It takes no more than 2 hours to reach the fort city from Harihara. Many historical pieces of evidence suggest the presence of this fort during the Mauryan Era and Vijaynagar Empire. To become a witness of this historic monument, many visitors come to the town of Chitradurga.

Mattur - The Sanskrit Village

The cultural beauty of Karnataka can be astonishingly described when you visit the Sanskrit village of Mattur. It is one of the very few villages in India and around the world where Sanskrit is used as the primary language to communicate. Located on the banks of Tunga River, the ancient village has a famous Rama temple and many other places of worship. Many tourists also visit Hosahalli, the twin village of Mattur. Both share similar linguistic culture.

Accommodation in Harihara

Thanks to the incredible natural splendor and the religious importance of Harihara, it is becoming a major tourist hub. You can find different kinds of travelers in Harihara - nature lovers, spiritualists, culture lovers, Yoga enthusiasts, etc.

To fulfill everyone’s requirements, the town has numerous and diverse facilities for accommodation. In Harihara and the adjacent town of Davangere, which is just about 15 km south of the temple town, many luxurious and budget lodging facilities can be found. These are some of the finest accommodation options available in the twin cities.

  • Naveen Deluxe Lodge, Harihara
  • Birla Guest House, Harihara
  • Srigandha Regency, Davangere
  • Sankama The Boutique Hotel, Davangere
  • Southern Star Hotel, Davangere
  • Hotel Sri Nandi, Ranebennur

Apart from these hotels, Yoga schools and spiritual ashrams also provide accommodation space. Shwaasa school of Yoga provides comfortable stay facilities to every Yoga aspirant.

Hunger-satiating Places in Harihara

When you are on the tour of Harihara, there is no shortage of places to eat and drink. From North Indian to South Indian and from Chinese to American, all kinds of food options are available for appeasing your hunger. Delicious dosa, palatable paneer, and piquant Pulihora can be relished with full heart and soul. Here are some of the amazing places to satiate your hunger pangs with mouth-watering delicacies.

  • Vaibhav Restaurant, Harihara
  • Sri Guru Kottureshwara Benne Dosa Restaurant, Davangere
  • Apoorva Restaurant, Davangere
  • Danish Restaurant, Chitradurga

When to Visit?

Harihara is among those places in India which can be visited all around the year. The best thing about this town is one can experience equitable climate for the entire 12 months. Tropical wet and dry climate can be experienced in Harihara. All three Indian seasons - summer, winter, and monsoon sum up the climatic condition of the spiritual town.

During summers, the mercury might touch 38-40 degree Celsius while in the winters the temperature stays around 21-25 degree Celsius. It is in the summer season when people come here to take a dip in the sacred river Tungabhadra. Step on the holy land anytime of the year and you will get the same love and affection.

How to Reach?

By Air-route:

The nearest International airport to Harihara is Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, the state capital. Being the largest IT hub of India, the city of Bangalore is well-connected to all the major world cities.If you are already in India, you can choose to land at Hubli Airport, which is connected to major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, etc. From the airport, taxis and buses are available easily.

By Railway:

A wide array of trains, from air-conditioned to sleepers, can be taken from most of the Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, etc. There are two Railway stations in the town - Harihar Railway Station and Amrawati Colony Junction.

By Road:

The Golden Quadrilateral road link, which connects the four biggest metropolises of India, passes through Harihara.Harihara is connected to all Indian towns via the road route. Buses can be availed from almost all major South Indian towns.

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