De-stress yourself! Release all the tension from your body with the weekend Yoga classes in Bangalore, at Shwaasa Yoga Center. Shwaasa welcomes all yoga aspirants to join us for weekend yoga classes and regular yoga classes in the beautiful garden city, Bangalore.

Relax and revitalize yourself with refreshing yoga practice in one of the most scenic locations in Bangalore. Make your time even more joyous with various physical activities combined with scintillating yoga sessions.

Live a healthier weekend with some sincere practice of yoga therapy. You may choose to go with basic yoga weekend classes or become an avid participant of some of the yoga camps organized by Shwaasa in Bangalore. Learn and practice different forms of yoga therapy, power yoga, Iyengar yoga, meditation classes and yoga teacher training classes.
Get trained and mentored by skilled instructors and educators who walk with you every step of the way. In order to make your stay most comfortable, all our staff members and camp facilitators work in a professional manner.

Whether you are a beginner level yogi or a well-practiced one, with our yoga classes, you undergo a yogic journey that you would have never experienced before. In order to make your experience a unique one, we provide personalized adjustment and the safest environment for your yoga practice.

The moment you walk through the premise of Shwaasa organization, you are filled with a sense of peace, harmony, fellowship; you experience a life that is free from competition and ill-will.
If you want to know whether your money shall be worth investing in Shwaasa, then you are advised to visit our yoga center and witness it yourself.

This is the place where you can work and tone your entire body, relax, and achieve a peace of mind you had been missing for a long time. All this, while having fun.

Why weekend yoga classes in Bangalore?

Little changes in Attitude can take you a long way and make you feel a lot better about life….

Your car works on three major components – a driver, motor engine and fuel. If any of these elements go amiss, then the car would not run at all. Similarly, your mind, body and soul needs to be in harmony for your body to be able to function smoothly. If any of these get disturbed then the entire body might even experience some kind of a breakdown. Yoga therapy helps you keep your mind, body and soul strike the perfect balance with each other, so you can remain happy and steady in life. Along with Yoga science, meditation, positions and breathing – healthy eating habits, various cleansing treatments also contribute to the overall well-being of a human body.

Shwaasa yoga organization has undertaken different kinds of research. Based on these research conclusions, we have come across unique yogic solutions to different problems through methods of Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama, Kriyas, Diet, Food Supplements, yoga Therapy and organizing various yoga retreats in Bangalore.

Regular class learners are welcome to start anytime. There are no time barriers for avid yoga aspirants. The sessions are on-going. You can come in any time slot according to your convenience.

Morning Evening
07:30 – 09:00 am 04:00 – 05:30 pm
09:30 – 11:00 am 06:00 – 07:30 pm

Fee : Rs. 3000/-
@1.5 hr/day
6 Weekends

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