Privacy Policy

Shwaasa duly acknowledges and holds in high regards the right to privacy enjoyed by every individual.  We entrust to make use of personal information acquired on our marketing website as communicated in this document. The document is applicable solely to and the information acquired shall in no way infringe the personal life of the website visitor.

For the Guests of the Website:

  • The privacy policy of Shwaasa discloses the types of personal information gathered about the visitor, how the gathered personal information will be used, the transfer of information to the third party, and if at all the client/visitor of the website is granted the choice to edit the information given to the website.
  • WWW.SHWAASA.ORG is a social friendly website and might be linked to other websites. However, Shwaasa is in no way (known or unknown) responsible for controlling the functioning of these third party websites.
  • This privacy policy statement is solely applicable to WWW.SHWAASA.ORG and not to any other third parties interconnected with us. The use of personal information by the third party websites is their responsibility, Shwaasa is not liable in any manner for their conduct and dealings.
  • The visitants of the websites will never be asked to reveal information that is no manner related to the working of the website or otherwise relevant to their personal communication with the site. The site does not acquire unknowingly the personally identifiable information. The clear and transparent attempt is made for the same purpose. The visitors are required to submit their names and email address for initial communication. And, for bookings, information related to the preferred time period, course opted, and type of accommodation will be required.
  • Private information collected by the visitor during communication will not be shared, rented, or traded to the third party. But we might have to share basic details with the third party for the services they are providing to Shwaasa. Also, basic information shared shall be used by the management for the purpose to contact our clients in future for marketing and feedback. Our client has the liberty to back out from all such future communications, feedback, and promotional approaches. For this, they need to send us a mail at and can willingly stop all forms of future communication with the website.
  • The website does not make use of cookies. We do undertake the time of login, date, browser type, language, and IP address for various reasons. Additionally, such type of information is all acquired to solve issues related to database and in no way to gain personal information about clients. The information is stored via IP address, browser software, and operating system.
  • The information recorded by a way of the IP address, browser software, and operating system will be used to upgrade the browser speed, solve IT issues, and for database management. Further, it can be put into use for drafting reports for managing traffic on the site and track the growth of the website.
  • The pieces of information collected by the website will be accessible to the clients, visitors for changing and correcting the information. Guests who have shared information with us can contact for correction, addition, or deletion they wish to make in the provided information to us by them.

Client Information:

  • In case you make any sort of bookings with Shwaasa, you are required to fill a detailed application form that acquired information related to the booked course and preferred stay option. The provided information will be accessible to the management staff of Shwaasa including service providers.
  • Any information gained through online application form will only be disclosed to the third party with client’s consent and knowledge. In case of any legal action, such as search warrant or legal process or as necessary to protect the rights, property, and safety of Shwaasa, our clients, staff, and members will do the needful.
  • Visitor’s information acquired will be used for future communication, marketing, and promotional purposes.
  • It’s a client’s personal decision whether they wish to be contacted or not. Under this provision, we will be offering opt in and opt out facility to our every client. They can willfully opt out if they do not wish to be contacted in the future for any reason.
  • The individuals providing information to Shwaasa have a right to correct, change, add, or delete information provided to them in the past. By contacting the support staff or Shwaasa, you can gain the access to change information.


  • In any manner, we are not responsible for the faults conducted by our client in protecting their information. These are some of the instances:
  • Sharing of a computer with a third person
  • Leaving the browser open after use
  • Using computer/laptop in public
  • Our management staff works in a prompt manner to solve and answer client’s queries. Any request put by you regarding editing of the information will be put into effect on an immediate basis. We request our clients to be patient.
  • In a situation of merger, acquisition, consolidation, sale, or dissolution or personal assets of Shwaasa, the client’s information will be either shared or given away because it is a personal asset for the company. We seek your consent for the same.
  • The privacy policy laid down by Shwaasa is a property of the company. They have the jurisdiction to amend, add, or delete any rule of the policy. We request the clients to check the privacy policy on a regular basis for changes. Especially, if they wish to make further contact or plan to stay with us in future for a long-term association. In case of any material change or amendment that is important, the client will be informed about the same by the company.
  • Today, the internet is plagued by multiple risks and damages, like hacking, virus attacks, unauthorized access, and so much more. The stability of the website is under threat. Therefore, Shwaasa cannot be held responsible for any loss, misuse, or theft of personal information provided. The clients can bring to our notice any such activity if they come in contact with one. All the necessary measures will be undertaken to stop and solve the problem. You can reach us via email or phone services. The latter is preferred, as mail can be under observation by a third party invader. In such cases as well, Shwaasa cannot be held responsible for the loss of personal information of the client.

We Value Your Privacy The Most!

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