International Festival of Yogic Heritage (IFYH)

Shwaasa Organization functions with the primary prerogative to spread the knowledge and learning of yogic science to various parts of the globe. Representing their divine motto, “Yoga Yukta, Roga Mukta”, Shwaasa organization has taken another step ahead in furthering the aim of transforming the nation into a disease free zone through yoga and spirituality. Shwaasa along with Yogic heritage is organizing the biggest yoga fest ever- The international festival of yogic heritage. The fest is scheduled to be held this October 2017 and shall be organized by Yogic Heritage. This 5-day event shall take place in the regal lap of Mysuru, the yogic and jaded gem of South India.

Over 50+ honored yoga gurus with participants from more than 108 countries shall pay their tribute to yogic science with their divine knowledge, expertise and yogic skills. With exceptional support from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the event shall showcase the most honorable legacies of yoga by bringing together the greatest yogic assemblage on a single sacred platform.

Event Highlights

Join the journey of self transformation and explore life at its spiritual best at the greatest yoga fest. IFYH is set to represent the most refined yogic treasures and its traditional lineage on a solo and multifarious pedestal. Honored with several sessions and workshops on yoga and spirituality, mesmerizing cultural performances, along with a gathering of thousands of yoga enthusiasts, the International Festival of Yogic Heritage is set to fascinate the entire globe with its charisma.

We provide various teacher training programs, yoga and meditation workshops, dailyyoga classes, and specialized courses. Check this section to know more about our popular programs and courses.

Experience the Most Exclusive Elements of Yoga and Spirituality

Trace the implications of inner-self and reinstate the lost balance while living through the most enlightening experience with Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga classes by traditional Yoga leaders, Power Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Contemporary Yoga classes and so much more. Gain insight into the third eye awakening technique and practice the art of healing with Yin Yang Yoga, Reiki and Kundalini Yoga. Learn about Yoga Nidra, participate in larger-than-life sessions on pranayama, mantra yoga, and unique meditation techniques, as the learning continues.

Witness the Most Magnificent Cultural Events

Be an audience to the most glorious cultural events and performances by leading talented artists from all over the country. Witness them as they represent the traditional heritage of India, through a multitude of live performances in dance forms like Kathak, Malakamba, Kodava Nrutya, startling puppet shows, spectacular displays, theatrics and so much more. Get introduced to awe-inspiring forms like Wheel Chair Dance, Shadow Play, etc.

Savor the Most Appetizing Vegetarian Cuisine

Taste the signature culinary essence of India with appetizing vegetarian delicacies prepared with affection by professional chefs. Being the land of spices and home to diverse cultures, the country is eminent for its distinct flavor and multi-ethnic cuisine. Taste the soul of Ayurveda straight from the Himalayas to the steaming rich cuisine of South India – feed your mind, body and soul with an assortment of highly palatable delicacies – presented with poise and perfection.

Immerse into the Melody of Satsang and Yogic Music

Awaken the soul with Mantra chanting, indulge in ‘mindful’ arousing with Satsang, groove into some soulful yogic music as you immerse into the melody of soul. The soul-stirring Satsang are set to be organized by the revered Yoga and Spiritual luminaries on the honorary platform of IFYH. Lose yourself to trace the yogi in you as you sink into rhythms of music and satsang.

Core Reasons for Attending IFYH


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