YOGA RATNA AWARD – The Oscars of Yoga

The heritage of Yoga is rich with various yoga schools, yoga styles and great yoga masters. The treasure of yoga is still accessible to us, only because of the relentless efforts of such great teachers and schools of Yoga. Many of their names and efforts were left unnoticed or unrecognized. Their contributions to the world were forgotten. In this connection SHWAASA came up with the idea of the Yoga Ratna awards, in tribute to the great Yoga masters who set ablaze our yogic horizons.

The Yoga Ratna award is a group of honorary awards given annually by the SHWAASA organization to recognize excellence in Yoga. This includes the Yoga Ratna award given for excellence in Yoga and Yoga Sammana given for contributions in the field of Yoga. It is probably the greatest honor given in the field of yoga worldwide. Yoga Ratna Award is conducted every year as a part of the International Yoga Day which is celebrated on the 21st of June. The award ceremony is conducted in Bengaluru, on the night previous to the Yoga Day, i.e. on 20th of June. The various category winners are awarded a Yoga Ratna Statuette of a yogi in Garudasana pose and various other prizes.
Yoga Ratna Award has been celebrated ever since the UN declared 21st June as the International Yoga Day. So far many revered yoga teachers and spiritual leaders have received the award for their efforts and contribution in the field of Yoga.




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Sri H.D Deva Gowda
Former Indian Prime Minister
Yoga Ratna 2015 H. D. Deve Gowda – Wikipedia
HH Sri Vishweshwa Theertha Swamiji

Pejavar Mutt, Udupi

Yoga Ratna 2015 Vishwesha Teertha – Wikipedia
Sri Yogaraj Bhat Yoga Samman 2015 Yogaraj Bhat – Wikipedia
Ms. Pranita Subhash

Sandalwood Actor

Yoga Samman 2015 Pranitha Subhash – Wikipedia
Amma V. Nanammal
World’s Second Oldest Yoga Teacher
Yoga Ratna 2016 Nanammal, the 98-year-old yoga instructor, on her the secret of her
Ms. Bipasha Basu
Bollywood Actor
Yoga Ratna 2016 Bipasha Basu – Wikipedia
Sri H.F Naikar Yoga Samman 2016 Rajkumar was a great yogi, left his body eight times: Yoga teacher
Sri Oscar Fernandez
Former Union Minister
Yoga Samman 2016 Oscar Fernandes – Wikipedia
HH Sadhvi Saraswati Yoga Samman 2016 Pranitha Subhash – Wikipedia

Lance Naik Hanumantappa  
(Posthumous Honour)
Yoga Samman 2016 8 Facts You Need To Know About Braveheart Lance Naik
Ms. Henriett Tunyogi
Hollywood Actor
Yoga Samman 2016 Home – Henriett Tunyogi – Official Website
Mahayogi Sri Pilot Baba
Mahayog Foundation, New Delhi
Yoga Ratna 2017 Pilot Baba – Wikipedia
Tao Porchon Lynch

World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher

Yoga Ratna 2017 Tao Porchon-Lynch – Wikipedia
Yogacharya Sri K. Pattabhi Jois     

      (Posthumous Honour)

Yoga Ratna 2017 K. Pattabhi Jois – Wikipedia
Sri Prahlad Joshi Yoga Samman 2017 Pralhad Joshi – Wikipedia
Sri Jagadananda Das Yoga Samman 2017 Jagadananda Das | Facebook
LE` Yogi Coudoux Yoga Ratna 2018
Victor Truviano Yoga Samman 2018
Jorge Bidondo Yoga Samman 2018
Swami Sacchidanand Yoga Samman 2018


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