Asana is a primary method of purification of the body freeing it from all ailments in tune with the cosmic energy bringing a balance between the body, mind and the soul as a healthy mind can dwell in a healthy body. Medical science says that about 30 percent of all the ailments are infectious in nature which means that they happen due to some foreign attacks of viruses, bacteria and others.

The rest of the illnesses which consists of seventy percent are created through psychosomatic sources or are chronic in nature. This means these come through lack of immunity in the system.

These can be redressed through practices of yoga asanas and postures, meditation and pranayama. A fit body necessarily will house a fit mind. It re-establishes the body’s bio-rhythm and makes your mind more steady and free flowing without inhibitions.

Thus asanas prepare you for more vitality and helps in conditioning your body and mind towards inevitable success in all spheres. At shwaasa certified yoga teachers take utmost responsibility to teach yoga with proper yoga posture.


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