Founded in 2012, the Shwaasa Yoga Center has borne’  several yogis and yoginis under its roof. The center is located in the scenic beauty of Karnataka and offers different courses for various groups of people.

In the breathtaking and treacherous landscape of the mighty Himalayas, a young monk wandered in search of the ultimate truth. Through intense penance and meditation that put mind over a matter, not only did he uncover the truth but also realized the very purpose of his life!

It all began about four decades ago in a small village named Tanvashi from Karnataka State in Southern India. In a pious and traditional family of farmers, a married couple named, Dundappa and Shivakka, longed for a male successor of their family.

Hence, they sought the blessings of a Mystical Ascetic, Sri MarulaShankara Shivayogi of Gachchina Mutt Monastery. He sanctified them and prophesized that Shivakka will give birth to a male-child who will upkeep every promise he makes and spread wellness in this world. Very soon, Shivakka gave birth to a male-child.

Owing to the ancestral oath of Dundappa’s family, this required the offering of one male-child every generation into the fold of Sanyasa. Shivakka, during her subsequent pregnancy, took a pledge called Garbhadeeksha to make her next-born male-child a Sanyasi.

She was initiated with a Sri Marula Shankara Shiva Yogi’s Mahamantra, which she avidly chanted during the entire course of her pregnancy. Hence, was born Vachananand, the up-keeper of promises and disseminator of wellness in the world.

Even as an innocent child, Vachananand, possessed an amazing aura and displayed signs of a Yogi. People would simply flock to him out of love. Compassion and generosity came to him naturally as he always found ways to help people in need.

At a tender age of 8 years, Vachananand, as per the ancestral pledge, was handed over to Gachchina Mutt Monastery under the guidance of Sri Marulashankar Shivayogi. Thus, Dundappa and Shivakka emotionally parted ways with their son who would never return home again.

Sri Marulashankar Shivayogi was completely aware of Vachananand’s true potential. Hence, he galvanized Vachananand’s energies by steering him to visit several other Monasteries to learn different Yogic techniques and wisdom. Upon his return, Vachanand received initiation from his Guru and was transformed into Swami Vachananand.

Merely a teenager and already a cauldron of knowledge, he would deliver sermons to large gatherings on matters that are usually dealt with by Masters. He also became proficient at several Kriyas and Yoga asanas. His achievements soon prompted people to declare him as the Head of a Monastery. But, he felt a sense of incompleteness and emptiness, for he yearned to unravel more.

In this state of chaos, two books namely Autobiography of a Yogi and Living with The Himalayan Masters illuminated his path ahead. Despite the resistance of several well-wishers, the barely-16-year-old Swami Vachananand sacrificed his position in the society and wandered-off to uncover the truth behind his life and existence.

Without a pre-determined destination, the wandering monk, Swami Vachananand started treading an unknown path. He visited Ujjain, Nasik, Haridwar, and several other places of spiritual importance meeting several masters and sages on this spiritual journey. Destiny took him to Rishikesh, where he studied the Yogic Science and Philosophy systematically under the guidance of Swami Veda Bharathi, who himself was a disciple of Swami Rama. During his stay in the ashram, Swami Vachananand undertook Deeksha from Swami Veda Bharthi and studied Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Shiva Yoga.
He also became an expert in Asanas, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation and started teaching the same at the Ashram. However, he didn’t stop at that, for he was a spiritual seeker.
Already a Sadhaka by then, Swami Vachananand journeyed the tiring Himalayan landscape for years and became one with it.
Often he used to sit in caves and practice the knowledge of Sri Vidya namely Yantra, Mantra, and Tantra gained from other mystics, monks, and saints.
In the Himalayas, which is identified as the abode of the gods in Hindu Scriptures, Swami Vachananand kept surprising people with his undisputed mastery over the concept of spiritual breath.
At sub-zero temperature, where oxygen is a luxury, the saffron-clad yogi sat in meditation, seeking answers.
At this juncture, Swami Vachananand co-incidentally met Mahendra Mishraji, who ignited in him the passion to disseminate the knowledge he had gained through a plethora of sources.
With this sense of accomplishment and awakening, Swami Vachananand headed back to his roots in Southern India. Thus began his expedition of spreading yogic awareness towards improving the quality of people’s lives.
Immediately people began to flock to the young Monk who had mastered Yoga and had gained the wisdom of a Saint. Soon he became the talk of the town and inadvertently gained a large following of people who began benefitting from his teachings of Yoga.
His popularity among the grassroots attracted media attention and soon Swami Vachananand attained the title of Shwaasa Guru. Shwaasa; meaning Breath, and it is breath that invokes life, which is referred to as Prana. Breath is the bridge between the body and the mind, the conscious and the super conscious.
Shwaasa Guru’s message is simple, plain, and modest just like his personality.
Spreading the secret behind a happier life and conscious living, even to the most hindered souls, with his ambition to make the world a ‘yogamaya’, Shwaasa Guru is galloping ahead, enabling people by spurring waves of brotherly love of positivity.
World-renowned spiritual masters and noted personalities across the world admired Shwaasa Guru’s accomplishment at such a young age. They also showered their love and blessings and whole-heartedly supported his cause of Vidya-daana or the dissemination of spirtual knowledge, which he had gained from Masters of Tantra and Yoga.
Shwaasa Guru, Swami Vachananand started a Yoga Institute in Bangalore named SHWAASA to personally train people and help them getting rid of their pains caused by stressful lifestyle. Today, SHWAASA has become the second home to yogic meditation and yoga practices and hosts innumerable workshops to improve the quality of lives. Every year, Health and well-being are celebrated with glory on the International Yoga Day.
SHWAASA hasn’t limited itself to regular camps but has also been encouraging the efforts of revered personalities with Yoga Ratna awards – dedicated to the achievers in the field of Yoga, health, and well-being. Yoga Ratna remains to be the highest honor in the field of Yoga across the globe.
Currently, Shwaasa Guru is exploring the globe while creating awareness and teaching the world the benefits of Yoga. He would like to take you along with him on the journey of awareness or a spiritual retreat where he will be sharing with you the mysteries of spiritual being and wellness.


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