Top 7 Tips to become a Yoga Teacher

If you are reading this because you are already a practitioner, then you are on the right path. Even though, this blog is even more helpful for those who are thinking about joining hands with Yoga by beginning their yogic practices. Yes, the whole idea of writing the following information is to let aspiring, as well as the existing yogis,  to become aware of the process of ‘how to become a successful yoga teacher’.

It is an exciting experience because the process is beautiful, both inside and out. Yoga elaborates positive inner-growth, by making you head-strong, with mental and physical wellness. What better service can one do, than by creating a like-minded peaceful society which vibrates on the same level as you or the universe? How can you do that? Let’s jump in straight to the tips and steps to think about in order to become a Yoga teacher.

Top 7 Tips To Become A Yoga Teacher


1 . Do your Research

Be thorough about your plans, your budget, and your favorite location. We don’t want you to end up at a place you don’t admire or feel uncomfortable at. So, choose wisely! Also, don’t read from the sites which are working for promoting their own businesses rather than supporting the art of correct or legitimate information.

Be aware of any hoax!

2 . A Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Program

Find your desired Yoga school, and shortlist the place based on where your heart pulls you instantly. We can be a little dramatic sometimes; it’s more fun that way! The ambiance, the location, the backyard of the school should connect with you.

Now that you have considered the fact that you must be able to stay there for nearly a month, you can now check if the YTT program you are seeking is Yoga Alliance certified or not. This condition is mandatory or else you will have blockages in the future to become a yoga teacher.

Another thing you cannot ignore is the curriculum which highlights the subjects, training, topics, and practices. Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, Intense Meditation sessions, Adjustment and Alignment techniques, Deep-Pranayama practices must be a part of the program along with the theoretical understanding of Yoga.

3 . Learn under an established Yoga Guru

The main factor which can make you or break you is your Yoga teacher or Yoga guru. Read the reviews, get trained under the best of the best especially one who has a tremendous amount of experience, and zeal to revolutionize Yoga. Dive into the reviews or the suggestions from your peers to help you decide an authentic Yoga guru.

Whether you are an experienced Yogi or have just started practicing Yoga, the quality and techniques depend on your gurus. Sometimes people who have started out late become better Yoga teachers and the ones who have been practicing for years haven’t gained the expertise over the craft. So, make sure you are on the right path.

4 . Use your Resources to radiate your passion

Start with what you have! You may not use yoga props if you are creative enough to give the same experience by innovating the form. This can only be done once you have mastered the original form of Yoga. 

If you don’t have a yoga studio, the right clothes, “it does NOT matter”. Yogis weren’t wearing these yoga pants when the Patanjali Sutras disclosed the benefits of Yoga many centuries ago. So, practice with what you have, go to your balcony and use any mat to start doing Yoga. The ones who are passionate do not care about what they don’t have, instead, they move forward with full force by using the available resources.

A yogi is always self-sufficientS

5 . Self-Practic

Gone are the days when mugging-up was the agenda of the masses. In the world which is full of talent, multipotential, hard-work, and dedication. You have got to bring up your game, and follow the arc of energy.

Develop and polish your skills, to excel at your art of Yoga. Self-practice is the strongest form of learning, it is the utmost need to become a yogi or a yoga instructor. Therefore, practice balancing, engage in deep-breathing exercises, intense meditation. Gradually increase your timings, and build your inner-power, gain inner-wisdom. A teacher has to know more than the students, so engage yourself in perfecting your asanas, and nurturing thy self.

Not just that, but on a daily basis, be kind to people, let go of your worries, stress, anxiety, these qualities cannot be inherited or be friends with an accomplished yoga teacher. Hold on to the positives, and breathe out the negatives.

6 . Demonstrate

To become a teacher, you have got to be the voice in the people. Now, we aren’t saying the loudest, but rather the wisest.

Demonstrate classes, call friends over, and then neighbors, then kids. This will help you gain confidence, and it gives you a boost to continue evolving, expanding your vision of a peaceful and calm society.

7 . Unique Element

Capture a unique element about yourself, and then use that in your yoga practices, yoga classes. This will help you gain an identity of your own. It will also attract more people to attend your classes. Since yoga teachers are everywhere in the world. You have got to make your own mark and finesse your work. Let the yogi in you shine bright, so you can spread your light around the world, and make them feel worthy of this beautiful life.

Top 7 Tips to become a Yoga Teacher