Top 7 Health Benefits Of Savasana (Corpse Pose)

Savasana is a great practice which helps in body and mind relaxation. It may not be that physically challenging, but many teachers call it the most important pose to perform at the end of a session. Continue reading for some great health benefits of Savasana (corpse pose).

Savasana is a Sanskrit word where ‘sava’ means corpse and ‘asana’ means pose. It is famously known as the sleeping pose. It seems easy but could be hard to practice as it requires the full relaxation of your mind and body. This pose is usually practiced after an active workout, but can also be done at the end of a hectic day as it cures insomnia. It requires less flexibility and physical strength, instead it challenges the body and mind in so many different ways.

To perform this exercise, you need to lie flat on your back, on a flat surface without using any cushion, and close your eyes. The next step is to relax your feet and knees by separating them from each other. Keep your arms alongside by keeping your palms open, facing upward. Continue to breathe gently and slowly while concentrating on each part of the body from the head to your toes. Allow the peace to capture your stress and let your tension release. Try to stay in this pose for at least 5 to 7 minutes of your yoga practice. It is a position of rest and relaxation, which has several physical and mental benefits. To get into the details of the benefits, stick with the article as it gets more interesting.

 Top 7 Health Benefits of Savasana

Savasana has numerous benefits that anyone can get just by doing it regularly and in the right manner. Checkout the top 7 health benefits of savasana-

It Reduces Stress, Anxiety, And Tension

Stress causes many health problems, which further leads to mental and physical health problems. Stress creates pressure on the muscles which tires the body and mind. As you lie on your back in corpse pose, it allows your mind and body to relax by releasing the stress or anxiety.

It Refreshes And Rejuvenates The Mind

It is a great exercise to do at the end of an intense workout, as the health benefits of savasana are uncountable. The pose gives your body time to relax the muscles and time for the workout to sink in. After performing this exercise for 5 to 10 minutes, your body will feel relaxed, and your mind will be at a peaceful state. You can also do it after a busy day at work to help your mind relax.

Stimulates The Blood Circulation

Poor circulation of blood can cause various health issues such as muscle cramps or nerve damage. While doing the exercise, we breathe deeply, which further creates the oxygen flow in our body by which our body cells energize. Blood circulation promotes healthy skin, cell growth, and helps in restoring energy.

It Cures Insomnia

Insomnia has many causes which can be easily curable with this simple yet not so simple exercise. As you lie on your back with no movement involved, it deepens your breathing, which leads to increase in blood circulation. The increase in the blood circulation then removes all the toxins from the body and gives positive energy to the whole body, which further helps in relaxing your mind and makes you feel sleepy.

Reduces Headache And Mild Depression

It is the ideal exercise which boosts up the energy within no time. This pose helps in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, which are altogether the cause of a headache. So, whenever you feel the pressure in your mind, don’t think twice about doing the exercise.

Improves Concentration

While performing this exercise, your mind focuses on each area of your body, which automatically improves the concentration level.

In this whole process of focusing on each area of the body, your brain cells also get activated, which helps improve memory.

Relief From The Asthmatic Problem

This position of rest and relaxation is all about calming your mental and physical state. So, it relaxes your mind and body and takes away all the stress, anxiety, or tension. And further, it brings you into a meditative state which is essential to tackle asthma where your body is in a relaxed state, and you feel happy and energized. 

There are so many more benefits to this exercise, but for that, you need to start to practice it as to see the results by yourself.

Top 7 Health Benefits Of Savasana (Corpse Pose)