Top 5 Health Benefits of Head to Knee Pose (Forward Bend Pose)

Head to the Knee Pose is a forward bending Yoga exercise that is quite popular among the health loving Yoga community. The Yoga asana is a seated practice, in which one leg is extended in the front direction. The other knee (let’s say left one) is bent in such a fashion that the sole is placed firmly on the side of the right thigh. The practitioner bends the body to place the face on the right knee and the abdomen on the thigh. During the exercise, the knees remain unbent. One should encircle the right foot with the finger-crossed hand. Repeat the same on the other leg to complete the practice of the asana. This is an extremely popular Yoga asana, since it is not very difficult to practice and is loaded with numerous benefits.

Have a look at some of the most amazing benefits of the Head to knee pose (Janu Sirsasana). These benefits are mainly related to the health and fitness of the body and mind.

Relieves Stress And Anxiety

Those, who are looking to get relief from regular mental stress, should practice the head to knee pose daily. Make this asana an integral part of life to keep yourself away from the horrors of an anxious life. After waking up in the morning, choose a serene place in your house to engage in the practice of Janu Sirsasana. A good amount of blood flow is enjoyed in the body and the brain to keep practitioners composed throughout the day. Working class population is recommended to enjoy this asana on a daily basis so that the heat of workload doesn’t haunt. During the practice, the mind experiences serenity of the utmost standard, taking the whole body into a zone of immense silence. This way, the asana becomes beneficial for controlling high blood pressure.

Strengthens The Knees

Knees are the biggest beneficiaries of Janu Sirsasana, since a whole lot of pressure is put on this pair of joints. Knees are extremely important for the balance and fitness of the body. When the knees are not healthy, one doesn’t enjoy a better movement of the body. The practice of the Head to Knee pose is designed in such a way that it nourishes the joints beautifully. Practice this asana every day in the morning or whenever you get time to experience its health beauty. Over the years, the popularity of this asanas has been increasing, all thanks to the tremendous health benefits of head to knee pose to the legs and knees.

Flexibility Of Various Body Parts

Flexibility is an important aspect of life. Although it looks like a part of physical fitness, flexibility is a matter of mental and spiritual aspect of the body as well. One needs to be highly flexible to attain success at various junctures of life. The beauty of Janu Sirsasana lies in the fact that it prepares one to be mentally flexible by boosting the physical flexibility of the person’s body. A practitioner stretches the body in the front direction during the practice. What happens is these parts of the body prepare the whole construction to remain healthy in scarcest of situations. Flexibility is very significant, especially when you are aiming to become an athlete or a sportsperson. The body needs to act as per the demand of the situation in an outdoor sport and Head to the Knee Pose helps you enjoy that.

Boosts Digestion

Head to the knee pose plays a great role in boosting the ability of the digestive system to assimilate food quite easily. The practice tones various digestive organs such as stomach, intestines, etc. to enhance their digestive power. When you sit in the position of Janu Sirsasana, the abdomen gets pushed by the thighs and in the process, various digestive parts are nurtured in an awesome way. Enjoy complete digestion of food you intake with daily practice of head to the knee pose. People having problems related to digestion should practice this asana on a regular basis. Diseases such as constipation, constant bloating, stomach pain, etc. are cured by the practice of this exercise.

Nourishes The Spine And Shoulders

One of the most impressive health benefits of forward bend pose is the strengthening of the spine and shoulders. In fact, the exercise is beneficial for the strength of the hips and arms also. While doing this asana, one stretches his/her spine to bend the body on a leg. While holding the toe with your hands, the arms get nurtured physically and a new wave of energy starts flowing in the muscles. Since the shoulders connect the spine with the arms, the whole muscles and bones of the body experience a boost in the overall strength. The practice has also proved to be a great exercise for the hips and pelvis, including the thigh muscles. Practice the Yoga pose for 5-7 minutes every day and let the body enjoy enormous physical energy.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Head to Knee Pose (Forward Bend Pose)