How to Use Yoga to Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions?

The New Year is already knocking on the door and you can sense the fragrance of it quite comfortably. The amazing aroma of New Year must be motivating you towards a new beginning. Like every year, you must have plans to welcome the 1st of Jan. There must be many aspirations in mind and a number of wishes to celebrate the advent of some new rays of light. Amidst everything, planning for the New Year is literally half-done in the absence of some resolutions. But the biggest question is still unanswered – is it all so easy to achieve what you aspire on the New Year’s Eve?

Now, this question is a feeling of déjà vu, since a similar situation must have occurred one year back. Most of the promises that you are making today were a part of last year’s resolutions as well. What’s stopping you from being determined? What’s stopping you from getting transformed? Well, the questions are the answers themselves. Your determination is the issue – the way of sticking to a certain plan. Yoga comes with a wide scope of solutions that will certainly help you put your New Year resolutions to practice. Whether you are looking to lose weight or planning to quit smoking, the beauty of Yoga practices is no less than ambrosia.

Become purposeful with Yoga

Imagine a life without any purpose. Does it look humanly? Of course, no. The practice of Yoga is a great way to turn you into an ambitious person – the art of wanting more from life in a constructive manner. This is the basic way to learn the theory of being purposeful in life. Yoga is a spiritual science that runs on the thesis of mental oneness. When your body, mind and soul – all three aspects aim for a single goal to achieve, there is no one and nothing to prevent you from achieving what you seek for this New Year. The practices of this ancient science keep you reminding of your responsibilities towards your body, family, society, etc. You emerge as a determined person when you practice Yoga routinely.

Yoga as a weight-loss practice

While attaining a flat belly is a popular New Year aspiration, you do not need to turn towards gym or a weight training center to live a dream life. The physical beauty of Yoga will lead you towards this fascinating resolution. Yoga poses are extremely popular throughout the world for their ability to remove toxins from the body and help one make healthy. Some of the well-admired Yoga practices for weight loss are Chaturanga Dandasana, Bakasana, Trikonasana, Ustrasana, Virabhadrasana, etc. These asanas come in medium and intensive level, although for beginners, Utkatasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Tadasana, etc. can be immensely beneficial to start with. Yoga asanas are a complete package of health-boosting practices as they better blood circulation including all other metabolic activities in the body.

Learn to plan with Yoga

Lack of proper planning is the most prominent reason why people fail to accomplish their New Year objectives. Yoga is one of the most constructive practices that is an embodiment of ideal strategy. Each and every step in a Yoga asana is a part of a strategy and performed for an intention. You fail because you don’t plan. So, learn the art of making strategies by being in the scintillating shadow of Yoga practices. Whether you are focusing on improving cordial relation with your family or aiming to start a new job in the upcoming year, Yoga acts as a real guide to all these ambitions. Yoga poses are entirely based on strategy with every single step marking a new beginning. In addition, mindful Yoga practices are immensely useful in keeping you active all the time and not to be submissive at any stage of life.

Bless yourself with positivity as a Yoga practitioner

Positivity is quite important in life especially, when you are a part of this fast paced modern life that is utterly competitive. You have to deal with numerous moments of defeat and rejection. The only thing you can do is to be positive in such situations and wait for opportunities. But that is not as easy as it looks. Many a time, one’s New Year plans are not successful because conditions are not in favor, acting as a reason. Yoga is not the name of excuses, it is all about actions. When you embrace Yoga, optimism comes by default. Rays of light can be seen even if they are not visible. Meditation teaches you to be concentrated and follow your dreams with patience without caring about defeats, which is the best way to stick to your New Year resolutions.

How to Use Yoga to Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions?