How to find the best Yoga Teacher Training Course in Nepal?

Yoga is a common thread which has kept the spiritual hearts connected for decades. The process of yogic learning, from the lifestyle to the sattvic diet, the like-minded people have always gotten along and stayed united even after having the same ambitions. People chose yoga to change themselves or to make a better version of themselves. It is an abstract form of painting, which is filled with the colors of wisdom, strokes of ecstatic life with a splash of love all over it.

Quiet your mind to let your soul speak!

Keeping all the expectations above their heads, some innocent yogis end up choosing the wrong yoga studio which is not recognized or legally approved. This can waste your time, money, and effort as you end up following the trail of sheep who are getting trapped in the hoax of fake agencies and records. That is why we have come up with reasons of how to choose, and how to find the best yoga teacher training courses in Nepal.

Steps to consider before selecting the YTT Program:

1. Yoga Alliance Certified

Make sure that before letting your heart grab the attention of any yoga studio, you must check if the center is Yoga Alliance certified. It is the first and the most important thing that will back your career after the course. Without this certification, you will NOT qualify to become a Yoga Instructor in the future. So, basically, it means that there is no point of doing the course at all if the selected yoga organization is not Yoga Alliance Certified.

If you are doing it then, do it right!

2. Choose the right Instructor

Carry out a thorough research on the teachers, their reputation and reviews. Getting the right teacher or yoga guru will take you places, whereas the fake attitude of the many can pull you down as well.

Connect with your friends who have attended the course, or ex-students, yogis who are acclaimed now to know more about the course, the inside or the real picture of the program. Do not compromise when it comes to investing your time, and learn from the best to be the best.

Let the focus be on you!

3. Program Schedule and Syllabus

Do check the schedule of the program like when do the lights go off? When do you have to wake up in the morning? These are the questions which will make you aware of the Yoga training schedule.

Go through the syllabus of the yoga training program in Nepal as well, to confirm the topics that are covered, compare with other yoga centers, and look for yourself where you are growing the most. Here are some of the important topics which should be in your “must-cover” list:

  • Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga
  • Adjustment and Alignment techniques.
  • Yoga Anatomy.
  • Pranayama.
  • Meditation.
  • Yogic cleansing technqiues.
  • Teaching methodology.
  • Theory of Yoga.

4. Ambiance and Location

We also know that ambiance plays an impactful role, can add fulfilling experiences into your life. If you love where you are at, and if you feel peaceful, happy or spiritual at this location, then go for it!

Though, majority of locations in Nepal boast of splendid natural beauty but, it’s always better to decide for yourself which location would be the best for you. Kathmandu is chaotic and bustling whereas Pokhara is calm and has a more relaxed way of life. Decide accordingly and make the most out of your YTTC in Nepal.

Stay in your own vibe!

5. Budget-friendly

You don’t want to pick a training course which offers less value at a very high budget. Make your budget, and don’t assume that expensive means better. There are amazing yoga institutions in Nepal which offer skillful programs by producing renowned yoga teachers and have comparatively less fee. Certifications and Credentials are essential to keep your standard and quality alive.

Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy you a career!

Yoga teacher training is a life-changing decision of your life; you must go for it if you believe in the social cause of building a sustainable society who can monitor their mental, physical, and spiritual health. Yoga is a self-improvement process which naturally turns you into a giver, protector of the good, and a medium of love. Yoga is the seed you sow, which sprouts into life. So, live your life with a purpose, to reclaim this society, and achieve better results every day.

How to find the best Yoga Teacher Training Course in Nepal?