How to Do Yoga as a Home based Practice

“Practice and all is coming” – thus goes a famous quote by Pattabhi Jois. There is no alternative to extensive discipline when you are on a path of seeking. Yoga, the method of attaining spiritual wholeness, involves a rigorous practice that must continue even after bells have rung and your session with the instructor is over. That is why one needs to create a solid foundation in self-practice.


While it is of great importance to find guidance with an experienced teacher, in communion with fellow learners in an environment full of the collective spirit of yoga wellness, the practice must expand out of the class into your own space. You may also, one of these days, very well find yourself at a juncture where other priorities of life are eating into your time and finances, and there is a dearth of time to attend classes and courses.

Starting self-practice at home may seem daunting at first. Here are five principles of how to do yoga as a well-founded home-based practice:

Keep it Brief

The truth is, it would be hard to pull off long grueling hours outside of strictly scheduled classes. To begin with, find that ideal slot between other priorities of life when you can give yourself the full attention. Be at a corner of your own, surrounded by peaceful thoughts and carve out a time even it is as short as 15-20 minutes to see wonders happen.

The routine will become self-reinforcing when you continue in the same hours of the day every day. It could be the early morning moments before the functions of the day start rolling, or after work, the designated hours to relax coming back home. Don’t go to yoga tired or hungry. It works best as cleansing from inside-out when you go with a fresh mind.

Follow a Simple Recipe

Formulate a simple daily sequence suited to your level. Outside the supportive arena of an organized class, unattended attempts of advanced posture practice may go the wrong way. There is no need to go overboard with superior yoga styles right away.

Follow the model of a general order, which is—sun salutations, standing postures, standing balancing postures, inversions, twists, and forward bends. It is important that you have attended classes with yoga instructors to get a hint of the order of the postures.

As you move into the heart of the practice, find more ease with experience, slotting in advanced styles like the vinyasa flow, and trying out a different family of postures will come easily to you.

Fun Things Up a Little

Remember, yoga is purported solely to achieve the withdrawal of the mind from the senses. This is known as pratyahara—a discipline to make selfless, non-sense gratifying action possible. So doing, it doesn’t hurt to fun things up a little and keep the cheer alive in your sessions. Nurture your pleasures by playing music, hang a painting invoking some jazz, lightly scented candles. Create that mood to revel in bliss for twenty minutes tops. Make it your favorite time of the day.

Help Yourself to Yoga Props

Yoga props can make up for the absence of a supporting hand in a lot of ways. Buy a couple and more of yoga blocks, throw to the punch a yoga belt, and gather a few of your blankets in your yoga corner at home. Taxing postures like the salamba sarvangasana or the supported shoulder stand, the utthita trikonasana or the extended triangle, and more could be performed with the desired degree of impact in target areas only when you are using appropriate props.

Take Your Yoga Outdoors

Self-scheduled home-based yoga practice will give you more leverage and liberty over the venue and time you decide for conducting your sessions. To connect more deeply with nature and your surroundings, make sure to take the sessions out in the open once in awhile. Choose venues emanating different vibes—a green corner in a park, desolate shores of a sun-kissed sea, in the shade of your garden, or on the terrace of a skyscraper.

Do your research extensively before setting up a home practice. Stick to a routine and make sure the resolution does not dwindle.

How to Do Yoga as a Home based Practice