Health Benefits of Ardha Chandrasana

Moon has a great significance in the Yogic history. It is regarded as a remarkable source of energy in the human body. In Hatha Yoga, the Moon (tha) represents the calm spirit of the body or the lunar energy. In every sphere of life, the exuberance of the moon plays a crucial role. Ardha Chandrasana gives us an opportunity to admire the brilliance of the balmy moon. The Half-moon pose is a vital component of the vibrant Yoga form that demands us to discharge ourselves in different directions without losing the balance like the moon does in the dark sky.


Steps to perform Ardha Chandrasana: The pose starts in Mountain Pose. Now, extend the right leg towards the right making sure it makes a right angle with the left one. Bend the body till the fingertips of the left hand touch the ground. Keep both arms in a straight line by raising the other one towards the ceiling. Be in this pose for a few seconds before changing the side.

Let’s look at the health benefits of Ardha Chandrasana:

  • Improves digestion: One of the biggest impacts of Ardha Chandrasana on the human body is that it improves the working of the digestive system. The pose provokes digestive fire within the body that helps us get relief from indigestion and acidity. The lunar energy and physical force both contribute to strengthening the digestive system. It also helps in weight management by burning the unwanted fats from the body.
  • Ameliorates the body balance: Balance is the key in half-moon pose. The whole principle of the asana is based on how you balance your body. Being an intensive pose, it teaches us to keep the body stable in every circumstance. During the pose, one needs to be smart and active, which makes this asana a source of immense body steadiness. This property protects a practitioner from wounds and cell damage.
  • Better coordination power: The half-moon pose has a huge influence on the mind and body-coordinating ability. When one is caught in a stiff situation, the practice of Ardha Chandrasana comes to the rescue. It improves your ability to think and act promptly. A person having a poor coordination and power struggle in life leads to many mental disorders which can be refined by practicing this pose regularly. The nervous system is also impacted by the practice to a great extent. The communication between the brain and rest of the body gets better by practicing the vibrant pose.
  • Strengthens the overall body muscles: Since the pose is about balance and stability, a huge amount of physical power is needed to hold the body in the pose. In the process, it tones the whole body muscles and makes them stiff. It extends the groins, shoulders, and hamstrings to provide the body with immense support during the practice. A continuous exercise of the half-moon pose brings firmness to the entire body and its muscles.
  • Provides relief from stress: Ardha Chandrasana is an exceptional stress-relieving pose. It regulates the blood circulation within the body providing proper and fresh blood to the brain making it able to cope up with stress and tension. Apart from this, the practice itself is a sturdy one that prepares a person to handle nervousness and anxieties. Any kind of mental problems can be healed by practicing the half moon pose routinely.
  • Relief from Backache: Back problems and all kinds of pains would have no place in the body when you are under the shelter of Ardha Chandrasana. It increases the endurance power of the spine by elongating it. It massages the whole body to give instant and long-term relief from every kind of ache in the body. Bones from across the body get strengthened when one follows the training of Ardha Chandrasana constantly. Pain in neck, arms, and even headache can be cured by performing the asana.

Like every drop of Yoga, the importance of Ardha Chandrasana is not limited. Its significance goes to each aspect of the human body- physical, mental, and spiritual. You just need to delve into the asana, admire the Moon, and follow it properly to take the most out of it.

Health Benefits of Ardha Chandrasana