8 Incredible Benefits of Doing Pranayama Yoga

Take a deep breath….!!

This is the advice we often hear people giving to someone who is stressed, angry or exhausted. That time we wonder how just by simple changing the breathing pattern can make anyone get back to a normal state. The flow of breath directly impacts the flow of thoughts. If the breath wanders, mind becomes unsteady and, when the breath is still, mind also becomes still and calm. Controlling the flow of breath is possible through right breathing techniques. If you are upto accomplishing this for yourself, then start doing Pranayama yoga.


Derived from two words – Prana and Ayama, Pranayama is a Sanskrit word that means the extension of breath (Prana). According to yoga practitioners, Prana is the universal life force that keeps us alive and connects all the elements of the universe together and Ayama is the technique of regulating this energy force within our body.

As a common person, pranayama to most of us is nothing but a breathing technique which helps primarily in eliminating stress and anxiety. But in reality, the benefits of this technique of breath alteration are limitless. It is one of the best poses in yoga for beginners.

Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing benefits anyone can avail by doing pranayama yoga:

Live longer and better: While doing pranayama yoga, we breathe deeply and slowly. Doing this, we gain a lot of energy. Our immune system becomes stronger and performs better and improves our well-being. This systematic pace of breathing increases our life span. Also, this calms our mind and gradually, we learn to be calm and peaceful in contrary and unfavorable circumstances. Pranayama, in a way, reduces the pace of our thoughts. When we think slowly and deeply, we begin to notice the beauty and charm of life which were nonexistent earlier. It makes us happy, positive and content.

More Oxygen absorption: Simple breathing does not allow our lungs to expand much as we take small, shallow breaths. By practising Pranayama yoga on a regular basis, we use more of our lungs and, hence allow more oxygen to enter our body. More oxygen in the body means more health benefits.

Control over negative emotions: Have you ever noticed a change in your breathing pattern when you are angry, stressed or restless? The more emotionally disturbed you become, the more rapidly you breathe…..Right? It is because our emotions have a direct connection with respiration. So, one of the best ways to control anger, temper, and frequency of negative thoughts is to control breathing pace and, that is exactly what you study in pranayama yoga.

Control over needless thoughts: When going for an interview, or before making an important presentation, several times in life we become nervous and stressed because of excessive negative thoughts and fearfulness. Not only we ruin the peace of our mind, but also lead towards ruining important things and tasks as well. By practicing pranayama yoga, we can control and restrict fearful, worrisome, and negative thoughts that make us nervous, scared and stressed. Practicing pranayama- the best type of yoga for beginners, we ultimately learn to focus well, control our thoughts, and become capable of solving the complexities of life with ease.

Bring down Hypertension: If you are a patient of hypertension, you can cure yourself simply at home without spending a single penny. All you need to do is Pranayama yoga. Hypertension is one of the fatal cardiovascular diseases in which arteries elevate blood pressure more than it is required. This method of deep breathing relaxes the body and kicks out accumulated tension, stress, and worries. It also calms the mind that play a vital role in reducing the risk of hypertension. It also cures various psychosomatic ailments like insomnia, diabetes, depression and more.

Better concentration and memory: Pranayama is about deep inhalation and exhalation. When we breathe deeply, we supply more oxygen to our body including our brain. These deep breaths make sure that each of the cells in brain receives enough oxygen, making our brain function properly and helps in getting rid of disturbing thoughts leading to a calm and rejuvenated mind. Regular practice of pranayama enhances the memory and concentration ability.

Enhance your physical fitness: Whether it is day or night, if you are one of those who dream of a slim and fit body, then start doing pranayama from the very day itself. Yes ..you heard right! Pranayama can make this dream a reality as it balances the digestive system and appetite. If practiced in combination with yoga asanas, you can achieve the desired figure within a short span of time.

Improve your general well-being: Apart from balancing the flow of energy to all body parts evenly, Pranayama is said to purify approximately 72,000 nerves in the body. It accelerates intellectual development and improves cognitive functioning as well. It helps amazingly in the development of sound judgement, steady mind, and a keen sense of perception. Last but the most important, it helps you in your pursuit of self-awareness and enlightenment.

So, let’s experience self-transformation……let’s do pranayama yoga!

8 Incredible Benefits of Doing Pranayama Yoga