7 Excellent Health Benefits of Hamsasana (Swan Pose)

People talk about the versatility of Yoga and here comes one of the most interesting and energetic Yoga poses — the Hamsasana. Also known as the Swan Pose, this dynamic asana is no short of goodnesses for physical as well as mental enhancement. The pose is considered as an advanced Yoga pose as it takes a good deal of patience, strength, and self-confidence to perform.

The term ‘Hamsasana’ boasts two Sanskrit terms- ‘Hamsa’, which means ‘Swan’ and ‘Asana’, meaning ‘Pose’. Further, ‘ Ham’ and ‘Sa’ in ‘Hamsa’ denote ‘breath’ and ‘soul’ respectively. Through the path of intensive breathing, the Hamsasana posture takes the body, mind, and spirit to a peaceful sojourn of energy and healing.

Before practicing the Swan Pose, it is advised to warm up the body with running or other physical exercises. Follow these instructions to successfully practice Hamsasana:

  • Begin by standing on your fours. Slightly bend one of your knees and bring it near the hips while keeping the other leg in lengthened position.
  • Put your hands below the shoulders and make sure the body weight is evenly distributed to both the palms.
  • Pushing the other thigh into the mat, inhale deeply and lift the body towards the sky.
  • While you breathe like a Hamsa into the pose, experience the energy flowing throughout the body towards the knees.
  • Come into the Swan pose by balancing the weight of the body on both of the palms.
  • Latch on to the opposite elbows and put your forehead on it to feel the serenity.

Seven Top  health benefits of Hamsasana:

Opens and stretches the hips: The biggest impact of the Swan Pose is undoubtedly on the middle part of the body — the hips. Due to constant and regular sitting during long working hours, the hips get restrained and feel pain. Hamsasana opens up the tightness in the hips and brings relief in the body and mind. The Yoga posture works as a gentle massage to the hips and heals the joints to make a smooth movement possible.

Bolsters the arms: Almost 80% of the body weight is deposited on the arms that get strengthened while practicing the Swan Pose. It is because of Hamsasana’s impact on the arms, this pose is extremely popular among bodybuilders, hockey players, badminton players, boxers, and sportspersons in general. Apart from this, it also releases tensions in the arm muscles.

Strengthens the abdominal muscles: Seeking a flat stomach and strong abdomen? The Swan posture is damn superior when it comes to strengthening the belly muscles. The asana puts the abs in a profound workout mode that leads to the tempering of the muscles. Bring the belly muscles to a better endurance with the stiffness of Hamsasana. While improving the abdomen, one can also feel an improvement in the postural correction of the body.

Introduces digestive fire: Hamsasana boosts digestion in the human body by augmenting the flow of blood in the digestive organs. With the stimulation of digestive fire, the Swan Pose balances the metabolic processes within the body. Removal of fats also aid in free digestion and act as one of the finest benefits of Swan Pose.

Removes excess fats from the body: Any kind of physical work can be used to boot out the fats present in the body. But Hamsasana has a unique ability to detoxify the body by removing the extra unwanted fats from the body. A major effect of the Swan Pose can be seen on the belly fat since the abdomen sustains the highest amount of pressure while practicing the Swan posture.

Improves the body balance: The Hamsasana pose is all about balancing the whole weight of the body on the palm. In the correct performance, the body needs to be in a straight position while indulging in the asana. Being in a linear posture also improves the positioning of the body with respect to the other body parts. Dancers and Basketball players practice this pose immensely for they require huge stability during their performance.

Elevates mental concentration: Before you wonder the role of concentration in the Swan pose, think about the consequences of a lack of attention during the pose. Performing the pose of Hamsasana needs immense attention as a slight loss of concentration can harm your body in many ways. This balance of mental as well as physical focus trains the mind to hold its nerves even during the scarcest of circumstances.

People suffering from heart disease are not advocated to perform this asana. They are firmly advised to take proper guidance from an expert before getting into the posture.

7 Excellent Health Benefits of Hamsasana (Swan Pose)