7 Excellent Benefits of Bakasana (Crane Pose)

Throughout Asia, the crane is a symbol of youthfulness, happiness, and longevity. Crane reveals good fortune and secrets of spirits, creativity because of its fabled life-span of thousand years and connection to the divine realms. The Bakasana (Crane Pose) embodies all. Balancing in the Crane Pose ultimately fosters a sense of eternal lightness and joy.

In the arm-balancing Bakasana, lighten your mood, uplift your spirits, and elevate to higher possibilities in life. Get into the crane pose with a playful attitude, find your center of gravity, sense of balance and experience the health benefits of Bakasana.

How To Do:

1. Stand in Mountain Pose. Now, come into a squat position with feet few inches apart. Support your heels on a blanket. Widen your knees than your hips. Lean the torso between the inner thighs, stretch the arms, and place the hands on the floor between the feet.

2. Bring your shins to your armpits and inner thighs to the sides of the torso.

3. Press the palms into the floor to lift up on your balls of the feet.

4. With an exhalation, lean forward a bit more and come on the back of the upper arms to the extent that your feet are above the floor.

5. Balance your torso and legs on the back of the upper arms.

6. Look straight ahead. Breathe.

Take a look at the Health Benefits of  Bakasana (Crane Pose)

1. Natural Body Workout: The practice of Crane Pose is an excellent full body workout. It targets the core muscles, works on the arms, and strengthens the wrists, upper back, and legs. The act of balancing on the back of the arms helps you get more physical benefits of Crane Pose, but using the core to lift yourself up from the ground is even better.

2. Opens the Groin: In the Crane Pose, the inner thighs rest against the torso which stretches and opens the groin muscles. The stretching of the groins help prevents the injuries to the gracilis responsible for the hip adduction and knee flexion. As the groin is the junctional area between the abdominal muscles and thighs, the Bakasana also tones the abdominal muscles.

3. Embrace Courage: The Crane yoga pose is an intermediate yoga asana to practice. It challenges you to focus on lifting. As you balance your body weight on your hands, it encourages you to face your fears and helps you embrace the feeling of courage to fly high. With a focus on lifting and balancing in the pose, crane pose develops a better mind-body connection and creates greater body awareness in practitioners.

4. Strengthens the Sacral Chakra: Harmonize the energy of Sacral Chakra with the performance of Bakasana. Sacral Chakra is associated with the emotional body, creativity, and our ability to accept new experiences. So, the practice of crane pose connects us with our feelings, emotions, and creative energy.

5. The sense of Coordination: The Crane Pose promotes coordination, balance, and concentration, bringing harmony in life and improving our ways of sitting and standing. By balancing on the arms, we align ourselves with the force of nature. Equilibrium brings equanimity in life. The sustained efforts to maintain stability in the crane pose brings our physical, mental, and spiritual body in balance. As a result, we feel calm, happy, and lively.

6. Flexible Spine: The Bakasana increases the flexibility and elasticity of the spine. In the pose, the spine is stretched to its full length that promotes its pliancy. Flexible spine puts less pressure on the joints and ligaments of the back thus resulting in its health.

7. Beneficial for Wrists: The anatomical focus of the Bakasana is the wrists. The pose effectively strengthens the arms and wrists. Strength in wrists is important for reducing the risks of injury, health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and increasing the functional efficiency of the wrists and arms.

Bring in more health, vitality, happiness, sense of control, and creativity in your life with the Bakasana (The Crane Pose).

7 Excellent Benefits of Bakasana (Crane Pose)