5 Tips for Happy and Healthy Summer Travels

Traveling is bliss; wouldn’t we all agree to it? It makes you forget the load and gives you the freedom to follow your heart. If you haven’t tried it yet; then, we would recommend you to experience it and feel all your stresses melt away. There are reasons why traveling is important. It isn’t just the relaxation process but a lot more than that.

? It broadens the perspective. Prepares you to understand another side of the story from a different angle.
? Strengthens the ability to handle uncertainty. Regular life schedules make you habitual. While traveling you get to handle uncertain things which makes you a problem solver
? A chance to explore self. You are introduced with a newer self, traits or passion you never knew existed.
? Teaches from real-life incidents. It is correctly said that real-life incidents teach you more than your school. Same goes with traveling; you experience things like never before. This prepares you for your future.
? Elevates your social circle. Travel introduces you to new people from various cultures. You get to meet like-minded individuals.

Inclusive of all the above, it boosts your confidence. Don’t just sit around and wait for the day. Plan your trip and execute.
Before you execute your traveling make sure to check on the season. If it is winters; it isn’t that tough to handle. If you are traveling in summers you need to take extra care. Yes, traveling in summers can be really exhausting. Sun above the head all the time makes you low on the energy, you are dehydrated. Vacations mean eating out. And, eating out in summers may turn out to be unhealthy. You have to be cautious about your health while summer travels.

Hey! Are you planning to drop your plan? No, no, no don’t even think about it. And if you are, start reading this blog from the beginning. You will catch up. In the following blog, let us share some tips to keep you happy and healthy during summer travels.

Prepare a drug box

While packing for summer travel you must prepare your drug box. It isn’t necessary that you will need it. But as they say, “Precaution is better than cure”. Your drug box may include an anti-inflammatory drug, anti-diarrhea drug, motion sickness drug. Antiseptic cream or lotion, band-aids and drugs for stomach upset are also a must. Once you have prepared yourself for this, you are good to go.

Keep Fit by Practicing Yoga

It is quite understandable that traveling hardly leaves you time to go about with your fitness routine. But, it takes only a few minutes of the day to give your body and mind the necessary break. No need to hit the gym, just 15-20 minutes of yoga a day will be enough to keep you healthy and happy throughout the duration of your vacation. Practice some easy poses like Trikonasana, adho mukha svanasana, Balasana, Malasana, Dandasana, etc. and stay rejuvenated and recharged all day long.

Hydrate yourself to the max

When we say hydrate yourself. It doesn’t necessarily mean with water. Of course, water is irreplaceable. So you can opt for bottled water or boiling water. If in any case these aren’t available, go for seasonal fruit juices. Any freshly made seasonal fruit juice will be as beneficial as water. You may also keep fruits with you that are juicier. The juicier the fruit is, more hydrated it is going to keep you. Avoid ice cubes if you can, try to keep water in containers that can keep it cold for long.

Don’t get yourself tanned

Yes, you were on a vacation. Show-off with your pictures, mark your locations, display the new stuff you bought from vacation. But don’t let your tan speak for you. You obviously spent a good amount on your travel. You wouldn’t want to spend the rest seeking skin care treatments from expensive spas. Taking care of your skin while traveling during the hot summer months is something one should never forget. Make sure you have enough sun protection cream or lotion for the body and face. Try and avoid going out in the afternoon. Even if you have to, wear eye gears, cover up your face with scarfs or visor cap.

Taste Local Delicacies but Always Keep a Lid on It

Vacation means indulging in some local delicacies, trying out new foods and satiating your taste buds with lip-smacking street foods. That’s part of the fun in fact. But, it is also important to keep a check on what you’re eating especially during the summers. A bit of cheat here and there away from your healthy routine is fine but don’t let it go beyond the limits. While traveling, it is always a good idea to keep some fresh fruits with you, some fruit juices, nuts, dates, etc. which are not only healthy but also takes care of your hunger pangs.

In a chivvy to help the above mentioned are a few important things you must take account of while summer travels.

5 Tips for Happy and Healthy Summer Travels