5 Excellent Health Benefits of Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)

Gomukhasana is one of the most commonly used Yoga poses, having countless benefits as a mental, physical as well as emotional exercise. The fact that the asana is quite easy to practice allows people from all age groups and genders to draw on the pose in their daily life. Gomukhasana is a Sanskrit term made up of three Sanskrit words- ‘Go’, meaning Cow, ‘Mukh’, meaning Face, and ‘Asana’, meaning Pose. The Cow Face Pose is advocated to be practiced in the morning to gain the maximum benefits.

Gomukhasana- The Practice

Gomukhasana is relatively uncomplicated to practice in comparison to the other productive poses. In order to gain the maximum benefits of Cow face pose, learn how to practice the asana step by step:
1. Begin with sitting straight and legs in front of you in a linear direction.
2. Bend your left leg to place it under the right hip.
3. Put the right leg over the left thigh making sure the knees remain on top of each other.
4. Connect both of your palms behind the back by bringing the right arm over one shoulder and the left one below it.
5. Experience the stretch for a few minutes and keep breathing with eyes closed.

Gomukhasana brings multiple health advantages with itself. Have a look at those:

Alleviates Stress and Mental tension

Gomukhasana is a great tool for killing stress and anxiety that arise due to various reasons such as office workload, improper environment, personal issues, etc. The pose takes some features of Meditation and the breathing benefits of Pranayama with itself aiding the mind to be composed and calm all the time. While practicing the asanas, do not forget to complete at least 6-7 minutes in the posture with constant inhaling and exhaling so that the fresh air reaches out to the brain and fosters mental healing for good.

Makes the body flexible

Flexibility is the key to performing Gomukhasana. In fact, being elasticity is among the best health benefits of Gomukhasana. During the posture, almost all the body joints are in operation. From the shoulders to the knees, these body junctions get completely healed in a well-defined manner. The asana also helps one shed those unwanted fats accumulated in the body and makes one physically fit and flat, which is an important aspect of being flexible. Most of the sports personalities from games such as Soccer, Badminton, Athletic sports, and Volleyball are admirers of this asana as the pose intensifies the flexibility of the body needed to a great level in these games.

Strengthens thighs muscles and the hip joint

Strong legs are what Gomukhasana promises to the practitioners. The exercise is good for toning the thigh muscles for the thighs get pulled intensively when you intersect both the legs in each others’ direction. A slight strain can be felt in the region that causes a fine exercise for the legs’ fibres. During the process, there is a fierce bond created between the femur (the thigh bone) and various kinds of thigh muscles such as Hamstrings, Gracilis muscles, Biceps femoris, etc. The hip joint gets intensely mingled with the movement of the legs offering a malleable joint health.

Opens up the chest

The opening of the chest defines a splendid benefit of practicing the Cow face pose. The body remains straight with the hands at the back of the body allowing the cartilage to unbolt and witness a free blood circulation. Since the metabolism of respiration and circulation is regulated here in the heart region, the posture plays an important role in refreshing the whole body. The pose is also good for one’s personality development as keeping the body open is considered as a confident attitude.

Is a Complete body massage

Last but not the least, all the body parts get massaged in the finest way with the all-around technique of Gomukhasana. The asana is strongly recommended for relieving the body and mind from tiredness. With a continuous sitting at one place looking at the desktop, not only the mind gets exhausted but also the body falls prey to stillness. After the work hours or in between the office timing, when you practice this asana, it releases the strain from the body and prepares it for a longer productivity. The energy-sponsoring pose brings instant vitality in the body by massaging the muscles and bones.

There are countless benefits of the Cow face pose you can feel only when you delve into the asana. If you are a sportsperson, school-going student, a dedicated homemaker, or a professional, Gomukhasana is just right for you.

5 Excellent Health Benefits of Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)