13 Benefits Of Doing Yoga Teacher Training In India

If one indulges in a scholarly research of the scriptures of Classical Indian Philosophy, one would very easily find the roots of Yoga in the pre-Vedic traditions. This fact isn’t hidden from the world, and in fact is one of the many factors of the glorious status of India in the world. It is suggested in the scriptures that Yoga developed around the 6th and 5th centuries BCE in ancient India.

Various texts have been attributed to the development of this physical and mental practice such as Upanishads and Patanjali. With the help of universally revered guru Swami Vivekananda, this discipline reached the lands of the West and other places across the boundaries of the subcontinent. These historical facts indicate the fact that Yoga is kind of an offspring of India. Locally produced and polished, the essence of this practice lies in the vast and diverse expanse of the country.

As time is passing, the practitioners are rigorously strengthening the roots as well as spreading knowledge of this very discourse. When all these things are taken into consideration, it isn’t difficult to deduce that expertise in yoga would be best offered in a place that practically gave birth to it. It’s a whole another experience to learn the art of yoga, and how to teach yoga in the lap of its birth giver. Therefore without any further delay, we present to you a list of 13 benefits of taking yoga teacher training in India.

1. Landscape

The serene and diverse land which once gave birth to Yoga is hands down one of the most perfect places to acquire your training from. From magnificent mountains to elegant seas and rivers, the subcontinent has it all. There is an abundance of training programs here, and each and every city with a centre that would 10/10 offer a tranquil experience as you actualise all the benefits of yoga and gain expertise in it in order to teach it.

2. Originality

As mentioned briefly before, yoga finds its roots in the philosophy and scriptures of ancient India, dating back to the 6th and the 5th centuries BCE. The important point to be taken into consideration here is that the practice of yoga and the expertise and skills with relation to it has been part of the common culture of the country since time immemorial, and therefore has almost become a lifestyle of the denizens here. This points to the obviousness of the fact that there is a certain sense of authenticity in the yogic practice here and therefore can be considered as one of the most prominent reasons to take yoga teacher training in India.

3. Affordability

We don’t even have to explain much about how training programs in India are so affordable. From the 200 hour programs to the 500-hour ones, none would be painful to your wallet. Despite of being a tourist country, one of the spectacular facts about this place is that it is relatively very inexpensive and affordable in all ways possible. You can manage a very wholesome visit to the place which would include yoga teacher training, visiting famous destinations, enjoying the culture and attaining peace, in a very limited amount of money. Now, who would say no to that?!

4. Advantage Of Meeting Long-Time Practitioners

People in India have been acquainted to yoga since a long time and therefore have always made it a regular practice in their lives. These long time practitioners can offer you experiential wisdom which would help you understand better the expectations you need to keep with the practice of yoga. It’s always worthy to acquire information from those who have already ‘been there’!

5. Availability Of Various Schools

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you decide to take yoga teacher training program, is to look for a Yoga Alliance Certified school. Most of the schools here are certified and offer very wholesome training course. These schools enable a kind of holistic learning for the individuals who experience not just the academic knowledge of the discourse but also allow the knowledge to sink into their system.

6. Authentic Ayurveda

India has made incredible contributions to the field of science and Ayurveda is one of them. This system of medicine, finding its historical point of origin in the pre-historic times, is an integral part of all yoga teacher training as it is an important knowledge for teachers. The emergence of it in the Indian subcontinent lays down authentic learning of the field. While it is easy to get basic information of Ayurveda anywhere in the world, learning it in India allows you to indulge in a greater and deeper understanding of all that is included in it.

7. Meeting Sages And Gurus

India is a hub of holy and devotional cities, and these cities have gurus and sadhus in abundance. These sages could be of great help to those who are extremely devotional towards yoga. They can offer you with a great degree of insight about all the skills and expertise you need for yoga teacher training, and also the key to actualizing the benefits of yoga.

8. Integration Of Cults; Blend Of Cultures

 Who isn’t aware of the fact that India is a culturally diverse land? Coming here would offer you a glimpse of diverse culture, rich heritage and warm people ready to embrace you in their environment. The blend of different cultures always maintains a positive environment around you which would in turn enrich the process of learning.

9. Healthy And Nutritious Yogic Healthy Food

Any kind of learning requires you to follow a healthy and rich diet to always keep your body and mind energized and ready to work. Indian topography allows the cultivation and production of different kinds of vegetables and fruits that are perfect for yoga practitioners. This will not only provide you with energy but will also help you shed away all the toxins from the body.

10. Lower Level Of Distractions

The yoga schools in India are often situated in cities which have a complete and peaceful environment, away from the chaos of the modern life. It allows the practitioners to stay away from any kind of thing that would divert the mind from the main goal.

11. Meeting Different People

Yoga training schools in India are not just the centres of knowledge but also a great place to meet people from all walks of life. Yoga in India is famous worldwide which is why people from all over the world come here to learn the art. This brings a great opportunity to meet people belonging to different lands and to get to know them better.

12. Highly Experienced And Specialised Teachers

The yoga schools here have extremely learned and highly experienced teachers who’d help you learn yoga in the most authentic way possible. These teachers are very well versed in the Vedic scriptures and have a very deep understanding of them.

13. Courses With Solid Foundation

The curriculum of course in yoga schools is extremely well planned and is built in such a way that it ensures very solid foundation before taking you any further into the study. It maintains clear and focused objective of yoga teacher training, and helps you reach great heights. To get an idea, you can also look up the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

We hope this ‘13 Reasons Why’ list is convincing enough for you to book a yoga teacher training program in India today!

13 Benefits Of Doing Yoga Teacher Training In India